Posted On:  December 2016


How to broadcast live video on twitter?

December 28, 2016 - By 
broadcast live video on twitter

After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has also launched live video broadcasting feature that allows you to create and tweet a live video stream directly from the Twitter app. Whether this functionality is already provided by Twitter but through Periscope app. Now it lets you broadcast live video on twitter app without installing periscope or creating an account. read more


Amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks 2017 advanced and basic

December 12, 2016 - By 
whatsapp tips and tricks

Today we’re living in the modern world or you can say in Digital era. Where everything is possible just round up your finger with the help of apps, tools, websites, and smart digital devices. Instant messenger Whatsapp is also the part of these smart apps. It’s widely used for various purposes such as video calling, voice calling, audio message, video message, text message, and lots more. That means it’s time to progress beyond the basics and learn Whatsapp tips and tricks to turn yourself into a bona fide WhatsApp pro. read more


How to run the dual WhatsApp account or Multiple apps on one Android?

December 4, 2016 - By 
How to run Dual whatsapp account ?

Most of Whatsapp users want to install Dual Whatsapp on their Android phone. But unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow to run 2 WhatsApp accounts officially in 1 phone. So, many third-party apps are available on the web to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on their android device. These apps are not available on Google Play Store and most of the peoples download these apps from unknown sources. And it may be the cause of entering virus on your phone. Obviously, because we don’t know these apps are safe or not for security purpose. So be alert before to using any third party apps. read more


A complete guide to set up parental control on YouTube kids

December 2, 2016 - By 
parental control on youtube kids

The Google-owned channel YouTube specially designed an App with the name YouTube kids. The family-friendly app makes it easier for children to discover videos on various topics. And now recently it has added the extraordinary feature as a parental control on YouTube kids. Today We’ll talk about what is YouTube kids? And How to use this feature? YouTube Kids is available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the respective app stores platforms . read more


Whatsapp voice calling feature and its alternatives

December 1, 2016 - By 

WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging App with one billion active users ( According to WhatsApp report on 1 February 2016) . That means nearly one in seventh people on earth who use WhatsApp each month to stay in touch their loved ones, friends, family, and with anyone WhatsApp users through text, WhatsApp voice calling, and video calling. read more