Posted On:  January 2017


How to go live on Facebook from Desktop, Android, & iPhone?

January 26, 2017 - By 
go live on facebook

Facebook has launched live video Broadcasting feature in 2016 that’s not very big deal because Facebook is not only social media that offers the particular feature. Twitter and Instagram also offer this functionality to their users, where Instagram is child company of the Facebook. Now the question is arises what’s the best Platform to share your Live moments? Obviously, where all your friends are present. And Facebook gains the highest ranking in this competition. Today we’ll learn – How to go live on Facebook from Desktop, Android, & iPhone? So let’s start. read more


How to convert Facebook profile to page 2017 ?

January 18, 2017 - By 
A complete guide to convert Facebook profile to page 2017

Today there’re many Social media platforms, but still, Facebook is the king of all. Facebook offer various services and tools for everyone and for every profession. Today we’ll talk about Facebook profile to Fan or business page migration. Most of Facebook users are unaware that a Facebook profile can easily be converted into a fan Page. Here’s the complete guide How to convert Facebook profile to page. read more


Google plus tips & tricks you must know

January 6, 2017 - By 
Google plus tips & tricks

There’re various social networking sites around the world but still Google+ and LinkedIn is the first choice of a huge community of professionals and business minds. Might be if you’re not familiar with this social networking platform but it’s not very major issue. First, let me give you a short introduction to it – “Google+ is just another social networking site through which you can connect with people via circles to drive targeted traffic (reach specific audiences) to your blog. “Here’s the complete list of Google plus tips & tricks about which you must aware. read more


How to make a twitter bot to automate things without having coding skill?

January 1, 2017 - By 
how to create a twiter bot?

If you’re also one of the Tech fascinated people who is always looking for tools and software to automate things, then you’re landed at right place. Because today I’m going to introduce you how can you make a Twitter Bot that’s able to do everything like favorite, retweet, reply tweets or even send DMs to users. read more