UPDATE: Perry Mandera: A Transportation Industry Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

UPDATE: Perry Mandera: A Transportation Industry Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

January 5, 2018 0 By Stephen Callahan

**UPDATE** In a new recent interview, conducted by Ideamensch, Perry Mandera reveals his secret to “bringing ideas to life”. For the full interview please select the link in the text.


Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charities, a charitable organization dedicated to the transportation industry. Custom Cares Charities follows the directives of Perry Mandera, a man constantly striving to help other people. Mandera is an entrepreneur who cares about his wife and children along with the church he faithfully attends. In addition, he is an avid sports fan and a proud member of the United States Marines Corps Reserve. In addition, he serves on the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA) Board of Directors. Perry attended high school in Chicago and graduated in 1975. He joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves where he was assigned to the motor pool (Bloomberg). While performing his duties in the motor pool, he learned how to drive a truck. When he returned to civilian life after he received an honorable discharge, Perry worked for a few different transportation companies and in 1980, he started his own business and then sold it in 1985. His interest in politics led him to serve as the Republican ward committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago from 1984-1988. Perry was the youngest person who had ever been elected as a Republican ward committeeman.


The Beginning of The Custom Companies Inc.


Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in February of 1986. Today, The Custom Companies, Inc., is a popular business serving numerous clients including small business entrepreneurs and owners of Fortune 100 corporations. His business employs more than 300 employees and has witnessed sales exceeding $200 million. Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, the business is officially recognized as a “full-service transportation provider.” The business has offices and agents in many cities throughout the United States. The motto of The Custom Companies, Inc., is “One Call Does It All.” Mandera created the expression to relay his vision of offering a variety of transportation services under one roof. In addition, his business has earned a reputation as a company that provides “world class service” to its clients. As the founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc., Perry takes an active role in managing his business. In addition to the headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, the company has a branch in Los Angeles, California.



His business has high standards because he is passionate about providing his customers with a personal approach. He emphasizes reliable services, affordable rates and innovative ideas for solving problems. In addition, his company offers services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s customer service representatives ensure that each client receives professional courtesy surpassing the competition. Perry emphasizes an approach emphasizing honesty and confidentiality. His clients and employees receive the best possible services including accurate billing and tracing practices. Mandera’s business extends beyond transportation services. He recently added warehousing and distribution services to the company’s growing priority list. The warehousing department focuses on labeling and routing services. His company has 33 major distribution centers offering access to more than 5,000 different trucking partners. Plus, the company owns its own fully equipped fleet of properly maintained trucks featuring technologically advanced satellite tracking abilities. In 2000, Perry Mandera achieved recognition from the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) as the “top 100 American Transportation executives of the millennium.” He is currently a member of the Board of Directors.


Perry Mandera Donates and Contributes


Perry Mandera is not an ordinary entrepreneur. He believes in giving back to the community and has donated substantial amounts of money to several charitable organizations. He is especially focused on helping organizations dedicated to assisting young people and veterans. He has also offered his time and financial support to organizations focused on eradicating cancer. Some of his favorite charities include the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers. Mandera has donated money for transportation needs. He has donated more than 6,500 winter coats to underprivileged children residing in the Chicago metropolitan area and the surrounding localities. Mandera is proud of the fact that he and his business, The Custom Companies, Inc., provided donations that helped tornado victims residing in Washington, Illinois, in 2013. The company provided transportation and needed supplies to numerous families residing in the area.


The Custom Companies, Inc., transported numerous truckloads filled with food and other supplies to the families impacted by Hurricane Katrina. He also donated supplies to people who were negatively affected by the California wild fires and uses Custom Cares Charities as a vehicle to donate tens of thousands of dollars to needy families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Countless children are grateful for his donations during the holiday season. Perry Mandera believes that it is important to support his local neighborhood and the surrounding areas. He is a strong advocate of the “paying it forward” philosophy. As a result, Custom Cares Charities has proudly sponsored more than 100 programs involved in sports for young students. In addition, his charitable organization offers financial assistance to disadvantaged children who need extra help to expand their educational horizons. Plus, Mandera has worked closely with the Hiring our Heroes and Marines for Life charities in an effort to support American veterans who are seeking employment.


Coaching The Youth


Perry has personally been involved in coaching youth who participate in basketball, baseball and football teams. He is also a supporter of professional boxing and has offered his financial support to help local boxing competitors including Donnell “Doc” Nickelson. Mr. Nickelson competed during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He also helped “Irish” Andy Lee, a boxer who represented Ireland during the 2004 Olympics. He is committed to protecting the environment and practices the SmartWay program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. The program focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions. His efforts help the environment achieve improved air quality with a reduced amount of environmental pollution. Perry Mandera married his wife in 1989. He and his wife are involved in raising their two children. He is active in his local church and in helping the community where he resides. He has received honorable mentions from a variety of organizations including the Illinois Crime Commission, Two Soldiers and a Marine, The Glenview Grind, the Jesse White Foundation, the OLPH School and the Sister Paulanne Needy Family Fund. He is an entrepreneur with the heart of a philanthropist. From the Special Olympics and AIDS research to assisting the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, his efforts to help others never ceases to amaze his friends and colleagues. He is a humble person who wants to offer his services to society on various levels.

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