Posted On:  August 2018


How Vijay Eswaran Became One Of The Wealthiest People In India

August 14, 2018 - By 

Who Is Vijay Eswaran?

Vijay started out as a taxi driver. However, he built his own wealth and is worth about $500 million. He earned his money by becoming a self-made network marketing expert. Vijay is the executive chairman of QI Group. He earned his MBA degree before he got involved in multi-level marketing. After that, he used his acquired knowledge of business and binary system marketing to succeed in MLM and to co-found a successful company. As one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in Asia, he travels around the world to share his tips and advice with students, professionals and average people. He also published “In the Sphere of Silence” in 2005. It is a book about his methods for making successful choices, and it reveals what he does each day to reach his goals. read more


A Closer Look At Sussex Healthcare’s Senior Living Homes

August 7, 2018 - By 
sussex healthcare senior living

Sussex Healthcare has multiple facilities throughout Sussex. It is one of the most reputable care home networks in Sussex and has been in existence since 1985. At that time, it only consisted of one home. However, the company’s unique care philosophy and its dedication to quality service helped it grow into a network of more than 15 facilities. In addition to providing care for elderly people with age-related limitations, many of the homes provide PMLD, dementia and neurological care. These are the main homes in the Sussex Healthcare network. read more


Whitney Wolfe Herd Named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40

August 6, 2018 - By 
whitney wolfe, courtesy Fortune Magazine

Whitney Wolfe Herd is most known for helping turn Bumble, the famous online dating site that puts women in the driver’s seat as the only ones who are allowed to initially contact matches in opposite-sex matches, into one of the most powerful ones in the field. In her role as founder and CEO of Bumble, she has also navigated several challenging situations over the first part of 2018. read more