Entrepreneur Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Gustavo Martinez

Entrepreneur Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Gustavo Martinez

July 2, 2019 0 By Stephen Callahan

Gustavo Martinez is making waves in the advertising industry. Many of the most iconic ads of the last 35 years have come to life due to Gustavo’s creativity, and he’s once again reshaping the way we think about consulting, advertising, and marketing in general. Learn more about Gustavo Martinez and the new direction in which he’s leading the international ad industry.

About Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez was one of the most notable ad men of the late 20th century, and he continues to offer his creative insight in the current era. Some of Gustavo’s first gigs were with Price Waterhouse and Henkel, and his superiors quickly recognized that he had significant talent.

In short order, Gustavo was named the president of McCann World Group, and he has also been president of both Mather and Ogilvy. Gustavo’s most prestigious position, however, was as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, which is one of the globe’s most prestigious ad firms. Recently, however, Gustavo has stepped down from his position at the top of the corporate food chain, and he’s now testing the waters in the world of entrepreneurship.

How Is Gustavo Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry?

In recent interviews, Gustavo has justified his new approach to advertising. Martinez reminds us that advertising is an inherently creative activity; only those ads that pull at the heartstrings and convey clear messages will be effective, and you can’t simply pump successful ads out in a factory.

On the contrary, effective advertising requires incredible flexibility and creativity, and in this way, jobs in the advertising are very different from your average nine-to-five, work-a-day positions. Some degree of instability and maverick attitude is expected in high-performing advertising experts; Gustavo describes advertising as a form of “applied artistry.” There’s definitely a set goal in the world of marketing, but getting to that goal requires an approach that’s the opposite of bland and formulaic.

Martinez is well aware of the business aspects of the advertising industry. After all, he has served as the head of multiple top ad agencies. He says that the driving force of the marketing dynamo, however, is raw creativity, and it’s also his position that the consultancy model is one of the best ways to evoke creativity in the ad industry.

Creativity Thrives on Freedom

Martinez reminds us that the consultancy model has driven the marketing industry for the last 100 years. Essentially, a consultant is a talented individual who offers his or her services at will; consultants aren’t employees, and they don’t have to comply with the soul-crushing requirements of the nine-to-five lifestyle.

The more creative an individual is, the more valuable he or she is to an advertising agency. According to Martinez, however, true creative geniuses simply can’t adapt to the severe restrictions imposed by the modern corporate environment, and they don’t produce as well when they’re treated like employees who have to report to work every day or else.

When creative assets are given the room they need to feel free, however, they produce great results. Therefore, the independent consultant model is the best way to foster creative genius talent and harness it to the fullest extent possible.

Gustavo Martinez and Business Acceleration

Martinez identifies business acceleration as the primary goal of independent consultancy. Every successful business is growing at one rate or another, but the faster a business grows, the more flexible and effective it becomes. Business acceleration is simply the process of accelerating a company’s growth; by eliminating pitfalls and reducing the need for trial and error, expert consultants can provide high-end services that help businesses grow faster.

Currently, Gustavo has partnered with a firm called UV Business Acceleration to develop a definitive model for accelerating business growth. Currently, nine out of 10 startups fail within three years, but Gustavo hopes to flip this trend on its head by creating a bulletproof process for “total-marketing-strategy optimization.”

There’s a lot that businesses don’t know when they’re first starting out, and Gustavo is working to create a system that reduces trial and error to a minimum by providing expert insight gleaned over decades of hands-on experience in the advertising industry. According to Martinez, “[t]he product is the advertising and vice versa.” This means that traditional forms of advertising, such as print, television, and web ads, are less effective than the story the product itself tells.

In today’s marketing environment, user experience is key. Technology design and functionality play a big role in how consumers interact with products, and many startups overlook the important data that can be derived from analytics. While startups used to have the luxury of taking the trial-and-error approach, the startup sector is becoming more competitive every year, and it’s simply more effective these days to rely on the reliable techniques and expert insight provided by established, credentialed consultants.

Even with his existing expertise, Martinez is still adding new tricks to his toolkit. For instance, he recently partnered with Massive Data Heights, which is a company that uses artificial intelligence to comb through millions of customer reviews at a time. This firm then uses this raw information to provide actionable insights to companies that are struggling to develop their brands. Gustavo hopes to help startups, small companies, and big enterprises succeed in their marketing goals by creating a comprehensive system that consistently delivers success.

Gustavo’s Work Ethic

Even though he’s slowed down a bit now that he’s stepped down from his CEO position, Martinez still adheres to an impressive work ethic. On most days, he works for around 12 hours. He gets up at around 7 AM, and after having breakfast and getting ready for the day, he goes to the office and works from around 9 AM to 9 PM. As he continues to get into the entrepreneurial swing of things, however, Martinez expects his days to become more open.

The Creative Process

Even though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo is still in a team leader position. Therefore, it’s his job to smelt pure advertising gold from the raw ore of creativity. To do so, he has to find the top talent in the industry and keep morale and production up.

Martinez summarizes his perspectives on the creative process by saying that “diversity of thought, background and experience among my team members tends to foment the widest scope of ideas and creative solutions to problems.” Therefore, he tries to put together the most diverse team possible, and he recognizes that pure motivation isn’t enough to produce truly incredible results in the advertising industry. Instead, Gustavo holds that it’s his job to keep his team genuinely inspired.

Instead of treating his hired talent as cogs in a machine, Martinez strives to use the power of recognition to create an environment in which the members of his team view themselves as talented and respected artists. Assets who are praised for their work perform better, and Gustavo harnesses this hard-wired human trait to deliver excellent results.

Gustavo’s Featured Business Trend

What does Gustavo Martinez think is the most interesting thing in the world of marketing these days? According to Martinez, the internet of things (IoT) is the most exciting trend in the current marketing climate. At the same time, Gustavo believes that many of his colleagues in the marketing world are woefully missing out when it comes to exploiting the IoT to its fullest extent.

To demonstrate his point, Martinez describes a situation that would have seemed like pure fantasy just 10 years ago. Imagine that you’re hot and uncomfortable, and you haven’t had a meal in a while. Based solely on the outside temperature and the last time you opened your fridge doors, your smart fridge will soon be able to determine that you’re craving ice cream. Your fridge will then give you the option to purchase your favorite brand of ice cream with Bitcoin, Apple Pay, or a similar digital payment service, and the ice cream will be delivered to your door within 15 minutes.

Many brands would kill for the key positioning that such a service could provide. According to Martinez, this seemingly fanciful arena of advertising opportunities will be a reality sooner than we could imagine.

Gustavo’s Perspective on Philanthropy

Gustavo has a unique position on charity. While most wealthy people want to make sure that they’re compensated for their charitable acts with recognition, Martinez doesn’t believe that status or virtue signaling have any place in the world of philanthropy. It’s his perspective that if you want to donate to a good cause, go ahead, but don’t make a fanfare about it.

How Gustavo Grows His Business

What’s Gustavo’s top tip for growth? Go all out to hire the best talent in the industry. In the world of advertising, talent is everything, so don’t rest until you’ve teamed up with some genuine creative geniuses.