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Baby Air Travel FAQ – Brandless

September 29, 2019 - By 

Traveling with a baby can be challenging but sometimes it is necessary. Brandless is here to help with practical answers to three of the most frequently asked questions that parents have about traveling with a baby on the airport. read more


How To Save Money, Follow Your Ethics, Avoid The Brand Tax, And Go Brandless

September 13, 2019 - By 

In 2017, a fledgling company called “Brandless” got started. The co-founders, Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, had a novel idea. While other start-ups were busy spending Big Bucks on building a brand and trying to achieve a “brand following,” the Brandless co-founders decided to go the opposite way. They felt that modern shoppers cared a lot more about finding products that aligned with their own personal values than any intensely marketed brand name. Given their tremendous success over three short years, they are proving they were right! read more


Q&A With Harvard Alumnus, Jack Plotkin

September 12, 2019 - By 
Jack Plotkin

With an appetite for knowledge and a drive for success, Jack Plotkin has continuously found himself at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry change. Jack, a graduate of Harvard University, has spent nearly 20 years working with healthcare companies and almost seven years in the cauldron of healthcare’s technological advancements. In that time, he has become a recognized industry thought leader and a driving force behind cutting edge healthcare technologies. read more


Q & A with Omeed Malik (UPDATED 2020)

September 12, 2019 - By 

As a boutique merchant bank, Farvahar Partners leverages decades of pertinent experience within the financial world to garner initial, and late stage funding for businesses of all sizes. By investing partner capital, and providing liquidity, investment banking, capital raising, and advisory capacities for clients, Farvahar Partners serves as a one-stop shop for companies to garner continued growth, and prosperity. At the helm of Farvahar Partners, CEO and Founder Omeed Malik oversees daily operations, and leverages years of leadership experience into client success stories. read more


(Update) Marc Beer: Championing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Biotech

September 3, 2019 - By 
Marc Beer blogwebpedia

Marc Beer has proven his entrepreneurial prowess again and again with immense success. With a career that has spanned more than 25 years, Beer has brought numerous companies to the pinnacle of success for one simple reason – he is a master at developing unique workable solutions that solve immediate and pressing problems. read more


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