Milk Street Is Available In All Kinds Of Platforms To Give Cooking Inspiration

Milk Street Is Available In All Kinds Of Platforms To Give Cooking Inspiration

November 22, 2019 0 By Stephen Callahan

Milk Street is located in Boston, Maschechussetts and is named after the road where it is located. The business is in an old building that had previously been used as a flour and grain exchange building. Milk Street serves many purposes including giving cooking classes, and it has a TV show and podcast. The founder, Christopher Kimball, has a lot of experience in the culinary world and decided to start this business because he wanted to give people a unique food experience.

Milk Street has information about a book tour and its magazine on its website. It also has a blog that shares all kinds of cooking tips, from why people need to stop searing their meat to tips from celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray. The blog features a category of posts called “the new rules” and tips on recipes to make for holidays and more. There is also a question and answer section on the brand’s website, and on it, people ask for tips for substituting various foods when cooking, what kind of cookware to use, and how to get the cookbook or magazine from the brand. These questions are answered in a simple format and those who are members can ask anything that they are curious about.

Milk Street’s podcast offers all kinds of tips to its listeners, as well. Christopher Kimball is the host of the podcast and he often features guests on it. The episodes are available online and the listeners have the opportunity to call in and be featured on the show. There is a phone number listed on the website as well as an email form for those who would prefer to contact the show in that way. They are encouraged to send in any cooking questions that they have.

Milk Street shared forty recipes in the first season of its cooking show and has released two full seasons. It is available on Amazon Prime and all kinds of information about the show is on the website, from the cast to the episodes and the cookbook that was created for it. Milk Street also shares about its store and all of the equipment, foods, and housewares that are available in it in a section on the website. Christopher Kimball knew that he needed to take his brand to every platform so that many people would have access to it and that is why it is on TV, in books and magazines, and podcasts.