How Academy of Art University Prepared For COVID19

How Academy of Art University Prepared For COVID19

April 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The past few weeks have led the world to completely change. Measures have been taken to prevent the spread of COVID19 such as canceling major events, social distancing, and canceling classes.


COVID19’s Impact

Academy of Art University acted promptly in response to COVID19 by moving all classes online and locking down its San Francisco campus.  Academy of Art University closed its administrative buildings and most of its campus on March 17th through May 23rd based on the recommendations of the CDC. The buildings remained clean and additional procedures to ensure safety were in place. What It's Like to Attend Art School in a City - YouTube

Although this was a challenging transition for some students and staff members, Academy of Art University is equipped to provide students an all-inclusive online education experience. Since 2002, the Academy has been a pioneer in online learning due to its efficient portals, prompt student assistance services, and academic resources available.

The Academy sought to create an independent art school-oriented way of online teaching and learning.  In an effort to provide students with greater flexibility, the school built a three-camera TV studio on campus, where faculty were invited to record instructional videos. Now 18 years later, as the Corona Virus spreads, and students remain home, the school is well prepared to handle the switch to online learning.

 It offers over 120 undergraduate and graduate degrees online. It has been ranked as one of the top art and design online programs in the world. Most of the classes at the Academy also have an online class counterpart which ensures the same quality of learning experience. The professors are teaching the same classes in person and online, so students are getting a high-quality class experience either way. Both require rigorous effort and commitment.


Tools and Experience

Academy of Art University also offers comprehensive online academic support to provide you with the tools you need for success including an academic library, a music catalog, class discussion tutorials, how-tos, academic resources, communities, career support, and an entire guest speaker archive. Through this, the Academy has doubled the size of its Career Services Department.

In addition, community support is available to help faculty and students stay up to date with everything happening with COVID19. Social media channels and blogs are available for students to stay connected. There are over 900 online courses that students across over 50 countries are taking.  

The guest speaker archive gives access to a wide collection of lectures, slideshows, audio and video presentations that can help students succeed in an online classroom setting. The Academy is prepared to assist students every step of the way through this transition and toward achieving their goals in the art and design fields.


The Advantages of Online School

Online school will create a space for the student body to readily adapt to change and think out of the box. Academy of Art University’s online education program’s system is steady and effective. It was recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Online Art Schools in the US by the 2018 ad 2019 Art Career Project. It also earned a spot as one of the Top 10 Visual Effects Schools by the Hollywood Reporter. In 2020, Academy of Art University was recognized as the Best  Online Bachelor’s in Game Design Degrees in 2020 by the 2020 Online School Report. In 2019, recognized the university as one of the best online masters for Art History.

The Academy has been prepared to transition to online classes for a while. Chuck Pyle, an instructor for the School of Illustration, discussed that this is a teachable opportunity for students who work in traditional media such as ink and watercolor, because they have to provide high0 quality photographs to submit online.

Students and teachers alike are finding ways to create a more meaningful connection online by using tools like the digital whiteboard tool that can be used when screen sharing on Zoom video calls. calls. This takes are critiques to a new level because suggestions can be drawn digitally. “I think it will even end up transforming how we teach our on-site classes once this is behind us, because it has many options for a more exploratory way of teaching things in real-time.” Pyle stated on NBC.

Although the current COVID19 situation has led to major changes being made, the faculty and students are adjusting and have handled the transition well because of the excellent tools put in place.


About Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is one of the largest private art and design schools in the United States. With degrees ranging from Industrial Design to Fashion Art Direction and Illustration, the possibilities are endless. Based in San Francisco, the Academy is dedicated to fostering a unique experience to creatives all over the world.