As Calls for Inclusion Resonate Around Country, Vice President Biden Still Delays VP Announcement

As Calls for Inclusion Resonate Around Country, Vice President Biden Still Delays VP Announcement

June 13, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Voters across the US recently gave him the delegate count that he needs. His ticket basically has been punched. Even though he pretty much has the nomination in the bag, he hasn’t announced who he will pick for the same gig he had for eight years.

Here are three of Biden’s potential running mates. While there are additional female leaders he is considering, these women are those currently serving as a senator in DC or governor in their state. Will he link up with a woman as promised?

  1. Senator Amy Klobuchar

She ran against Mr. Biden in the primary and lasted longer than most in the crowded field. In addition to being the only woman to ever hold the honor of representing the Land of 10,000 Lakes, she was re-elected twice. The state has been shown not to specifically lean toward one political party affiliation.

  1. Senator Tammy Duckworth

This woman might have lost her legs protecting the world from terrorists, but she didn’t let that stop her from reaching the US Senate. Serving Illinois since 2017, this lady has received a Purple Heart from the government. Prior to her current role at the US Capitol, Mrs. Duckworth worked as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

  1. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Another lady who ran in the primary with Biden, Ms. Warren got a lot of mic time during the debates with many questions being directed to her. This was even the case when two nights of debates were needed due to a larger than normal nomination pool. She was one of the frontrunners for the nominee for quite some time.

  1. Senator Kamala Harris

Another woman who took her stand on the stage with Biden, Kamala Harris moved into Senator Barbara Boxer’s seat. However, Senator Harris was a trailblazer, too. She was the first African-American woman to represent California in the US Senate. Prior to serving in this capacity, this lady was her state’s attorney general.

  1. Governor Michelle Grisham

The only woman on this list without a full-time job in Washington, DC, New Mexico’s CEO Grisham would be the first Latina to be nominated. However, Mrs. Grisham has gained federal experience. She served in the US House for five years and chaired the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Former Vice-President Biden served during President Obama’s administration, which was a first for the red, white, and blue. Obama’s presidency marked the first time an African-American man became elected to the country’s highest office. This time around, Biden has his eyes on the job of Commander in Chief. Unique to this campaign cycle, too, is a more vocal protest of those wanting various advancements relating to policing and race.

While the wait continues to unfold for how the convention will unfold, Dems and America’s voters are still awaiting Mr. Biden’s choice. The country, along with the planet, has been at a standstill due to COVID-19. The international community also waits to see what will unravel with the recent protests and vandalism on US taxpayer’s streets. Which choice will resonate with the free world?