Elon Musk Makes Space History and Prepares for Next Mission

Elon Musk Makes Space History and Prepares for Next Mission

June 13, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

If you are a fan of space, you probably watched the launch of Elon Musk’s Dragon rocket. It was the first US rocket with a crew to be sent into orbit in many years. If you are old enough to remember the tragedies of past NASA missions, then seeing this rocket leave the launching pad safely was a welcome sight.

Weather issues made NASA cancel the first attempt, but it was quickly rescheduled a few days later. The media and notables attended both events. The technical teams positioned themselves around the world, and Elon Musk was in the SpaceX’s California headquarters.

This rocket is unique because it has reusable components, which makes it much cheaper to use. After lifting off, the boosters detach and land in the oceans. The worldwide teams were waiting in the waters off Ireland to pick up the detached piece.

Once outside of the atmosphere, the two-person crew of Dragon prepared to meet up with the International Space Station (ISS). At the station, there was one American and two Russians waiting to receive Dragon.

Musk seems always to be busy creating and developing, and while preparing for the Dragon adventure, his Twitter feed reflected the fact that he was looking forward to getting his more massive shuttle to the Moon. NASA shared that they were looking forward to getting Dragon to the ISS first. Now that the men are there and doing their space duties, it seems like Elon Musk is going full speed ahead on the shuttle project.

Star Trek fans will get to see a real starship enter the atmosphere when this craft takes off. SpaceX reports that Starship can carry upwards of 100 souls. When the day comes that 100 individuals fly off into space, the world will freeze and document the momentous occasion.

The crew and NASA and SpaceX are still waiting for Bob and Doug from the Dragon to return home, but when that happens, Musk will focus a great deal of his attention on Starship. This may mean he will be moving to Texas, where several administrations monitor parts of the American space program. The team also works in Florida.

Imaginations are running wild because of Mr. Musk’s video of Starship, which he debuted on Twitter. The future looks like it will be full of regular trips to Mars or the Moon. The ship apparently can carry significant weight because it will be delivering machinery and other necessary goods too.

For now, it appears that NASA and SpaceX are working well together. Both teams have successfully completed their part in the first half of the Dragon’s mission, and now it is only a matter of time before the men return. At this time, there is no firm return date, but NASA noted that it would be between one to four months.

Elon Musk is also famous for electric vehicles. His first car, Tesla, can be seen driving in almost every country on the planet. The Tesla division is working on electric truck transportation now. There are factories in the United States and abroad.

The American taxpayers fund NASA, and Musk is a private businessperson. The two entities have formed a collaboration that seemed tense at times, but in the end, it created a chapter in the history books. It had some delays, but this one was completed in record-breaking time when compared to projects ran entirely by the US federal government.

Next up will be a possible move to Texas for Musk and his associates. If you want to keep up on the progress of the Starship, SpaceX has several social media sites. To monitor the crew of Dragon and find updates on the estimated return date, follow SpaceX or NASA.