Gay Dads Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Adapt to Being Daddies

Gay Dads Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Adapt to Being Daddies

June 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

They are widely known for their successes in the world of pop culture and news. But Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are quickly being turned to by a curious world wanting to understand how gay men raise children.

No, the two celebrities are not an item, and neither of them is married. However, they are really good friends. Just like other parents, they share best practices and even pass along some things. Most recently for these guys, Cohen handed over his son‘s former nanny to Cooper.

Benjamin Allen Cohen was born to Andrew Joseph Cohen on February 4th, 2019. The brown-haired little boy already appears to have possibly been content with hockey on his mind. This is Andy Cohen’s first child, but he has said he would welcome another.

Anderson Cooper’s first baby was a boy, too. Wyatt Emory Cooper came into the world on April 27, 2020. Son of the late Gloria Vanderbilt, Mr. Copper now has his own son. But this prime time news host turns to more than the Cohen home’s previous nanny. He also recently shared his take on co-parenting with his former partner. For those looking for cute pics of baby Wyatt like there are of baby Ben, they have been plenty of online photos and videos that captured their pride and joys.

But it’s not just the dynamics of these two families and popular pics and vids that are gaining media attention. The process by which these two men became fathers also has made it into headlines around the world. Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper both used surrogacy. Although the method is not the most common form of conception and delivery, they both experienced the uniqueness of becoming a parent.

Just like more traditional families that have dealt with obstacles on the way to forming their own nucleus, these parents went through hurdles, too. There is no federal law in place that guarantees this right to surrogacy for gay and lesbian people. Cohen recently worked with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to lift New York’s ban. And Cooper has shared his opinion on surrogacy. Like Cohen, Anderson Cooper also has shared pictures and videos of his little man.

Neither the Democratic National Convention nor the Republican National Convention appears to have the issue on the table for open discussion. This could mean there is not a prioritized effort to give non-traditional families these options within the country’s two political parties who have the most registered members.

Whether or not this topic comes up at the conventions or somewhere on the campaign trails before the November elections are still up in the air. There will be many firsts, including one party using more than one location. As to how the conventions will look this year with so many moving parts has yet to be finalized.

One thing is for certain this summer, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are making waves like never before. These two NYC men have shown through news coverage and their social media just how the process works for a dad outside of the traditional family unit. Just like other fams out there, they have run into issues. They also hope that lack of surrogacy options and other unequal rights won’t discourage others from parenting.