Johnny Depp Talks About His Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Johnny Depp Talks About His Drug and Alcohol Abuse

June 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of his generation. He has starred in many legendary films and played acclaimed roles. His role as Captain Jack Sparrow turned the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise into an international blockbuster. As great an actor as he is, Depp has had his share of controversies. He was accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of assaulting her. He has strongly denied these charges. However, Depp has never denied the fact that he has struggled his entire life with drugs and alcohol. He recently gave an interview where he went into detail about his various experiences with substance abuse.

Johnny Depp started to get high before he was a teenager. He was mainly doing marijuana back then. However, it was not very long until he started drinking. He did it mainly to escape a bad childhood. After he became a successful actor, he kept abusing drugs and alcohol because he hung around the wrong crowd. Depp would often have to partake just so he would not be ridiculed. He has kept using drugs and alcohol occasionally over the years. However, he has worked very hard to keep his addiction in check.

Johnny Depp calls himself a functional addict. He is able to memorize a script and show up on time for work without begin drunk or slurring his speech. This is how he has been able to keep getting work after all these years of abuse. He has been to rehab several times. However, it did not help him to solve his addiction. He would keep a stash of drugs and alcohol wherever he lived. He liked to relax after a long day on the set with some drugs of alcohol. Depp has said that he did not do cocaine often. He did not like drugs that got his heart beating fast. He prefers the drugs that help him to relax.

Johnny Depp says that he is still trying to kick his habit. He now has a grown daughter. He does not want to be a bad influence on her. He is taking far fewer drugs than he used to. However, alcohol remains a big problem for the actor. He has admitted that he will sometimes wake up in places that he is not familiar with. Therefore, many movie studios have refused to pay the sky high cost of insuring him while he is on the set.

One of the initial reasons why Depp was attracted to drugs and alcohol is the fact that they could allow him to relax and meditate. He wanted to be able to block out the world. The drugs and alcohol are very effective at doing that. However, he soon realized that he was addicted. He tried as hard as he could on his own to quit. Eventually, he admitted that he needed help. He called the Betty Ford clinic and made an appointment. He spent two weeks at the facility. However, he was smoking and drinking again not long after he left the facility.

Johnny was very depressed about a lot of the bad publicity that he received in the wake of the controversy involving his former wife. He found that he would be able to cope with drugs and alcohol to numb his mind and dull his senses. He thought that he might be at the end of his career. None of the movie studios would give him a job. It seems that he had become toxic to movie studios everywhere. However, he was not willing to give up. He kept going to auditions because he knew he would get the right role.