Anthony Fauci Gives Warning About Virus

Anthony Fauci Gives Warning About Virus

June 27, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Anthony Fauci is a doctor known for being the top disease expert in the U.S. Fauci admits to the Energy and Commerce Committee that New York is doing well with controlling the virus but the other states worry him. Dr. Fauci explains to the House lawmakers that there has been a huge increase in the cases since the states are opening businesses too quickly and do not have any plans for the tests and trying to trace any people that were contacted by the infected victims. Fauci thinks that the next two weeks will be vital to certain states such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas since they have had an increase in cases. He mentions that states like New York are taking the proper precautions and are doing good at keeping the virus at a controlled rate. Fauci discusses this with the Coronavirus task force whom he hasn’t been seen with until recently.

Unlike President Trump’s happy-go-lucky attitude, Dr. Anthony Fauci is more worried about the current circumstances. Although the deaths from COVID-19 have started to decrease, Fauci thinks that it is too soon to see if the drop is really changing the numbers. Dr. Fauci explains that death can not be seen until it comes which could be happening.

Fauci and his team have said that they have made an advancement in making a vaccine for the virus. Fauci admits that he is overly excited about the vaccine and that it should be ready to test by early 2021 and expands to doctor’s offices by the fall. He did admit that he did not agree with the president who said that the virus would just go away.

Doctor Robert Redfield who is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that this is the worst virus that the world has ever had to deal with in centuries. He also tried to warn the people that the virus could be extra effective during the flu season and cause major stress on doctors and hospital workers and that it is vital that everyone gets a flu shot. Although many people choose not to, Redfield has admitted that these actions could save many lives.

Fauci also disagreed with President Trump who was grilled by many doctors when he said that testing levels should go down because it would make the country look bad because it would be admitting that the infection was larger and what was being said. Fauci has said that they will keep doing tests and that the president has asked them to slow down their process. He says that they are going to continue and make the tests higher quality than they are now. Fauci explains that the only way to understand the virus, to know who is infected, and if they can get past it is by doing tests and they are testing as many people as they can.

Dr. Redfield agreed with Fauci and says that expanding tests would be important because of the coronavirus infections’ asymptomatic nature.

Before the hearing, President Trump went onto Twitter and complained that he was not receiving enough credit about the virus. Also mentioning that Dr. Fauci has an approval rating of 72%. Trump’s own popularity was ranked at 41% according to the polling on the website FiveThirtyEight.