President Trumps, Lawyer Michael Cohen Taken Into Custody for Violating Release Terms

President Trumps, Lawyer Michael Cohen Taken Into Custody for Violating Release Terms

July 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Lawyer Michael Cohen’s attorney Jeffrey Levine, reports that the former president Donald Trump’s lawyer has been taken back into prison for breaking the terms of his release. According to attorney Levine Jeffery, Michael Cohen was ordered to present himself at the federal court located at the Manhattan downtown to change his furlough into compound confinement. However, he was remanded for not agreeing to the movement monitoring system of the Southern District in New York. He has been detained in a custody located at a correctional facility located in lower Manhattan.

According to Cohen’s lawyer Levine, Michael had initially been ordered not to engage with any form of media such as print or broadcasting, a restriction that was meant to frustrate the release of forthcoming ‘close to competition.’ The release was to detail his experience while working with the incumbent United States President Donal Trump. According to Levine, there is no instance where a United States citizenry such as his client Cohen Michael should be denied his First Amendment Right to address any form of media. Levin further states that they presented their objections to the probation officers by asking them what could be done to have Michael Cohen released and subsequently be allowed to talk to media outlets. However, in return to the questions, Cohen received US Marshals who shackled and took him to custody.

On the other hand, Allison Sue, the spokesperson for the Prisons said that Cohen opposed the conditions that accompanied his home confinement thus prompting the government to detain him again. Contrariwise, Cohen Michael’s attorney has refused the claims, stating that Cohen was not presented with any agreement to sign, besides, they did not even provide him a writing pen.

According to another Cohen Michael’s attorney called Lanny Davis, the duo, Levin, and Cohen was approached by the US Marshals when they had just arrived at the courthouse to finish on processing details on matters concerning the confinement of Cohen at his home. Davis further states that, during the interaction of Marshals and Cohen, Cohen stated clearly that he was willing to sign any tabled deal to prevent him from going back to prison. Nonetheless, the US Marshals in return stated that the matter was out of their control.

Furthermore, according to Davis Cohen resisted the conditions that seemed to block him against assessing media platforms such as social media accounts and releasing of a book detailing his experience as Trump’s lawyer. However, when the cuffs were presented Cohen immediately kept quiet.

When asked if the detainment of Michael Cohen was related to the time he spent in a restaurant in New York out of his home, Levin, Michael Cohen’s lawyer replied by stating that, they matter is left for viewers’ interpretation.

According to Davis, Cohen always believed that he was acting within the law and if it was against the law, then Cohen would not have done it. Additionally, no one from the federal government contacted Cohen and the meeting regarding his confinement to home was scheduled to occur before eating at the New York-based restaurant.

This incident occurs after Trump’s former lawyer as released from the prison amidst Covid-19 fears.

Initially, Cohen was jailed for three years in New York after he was found guilty of telling lies to Congress. Additionally, the lawyer was charged on counts of tax charges and campaign finance issues for enabling hush payments of cash to women who claimed to have had sexual affairs with Donald Trump. The president has however denied any sexual affair with the above women.

In 2016, Cohen was a vocal surrogate who proudly defended Trump and supported him openly during the presidential campaigns.

Conversely, the investigations by the US Attorney’s Office has exposed how Cohen in conjunction with David Pecker suppressed various claims that would have tainted the image of the incumbent U.S president.

In his defense, Cohen pleaded that he was acting according to the Donal Trump’s orders to issue the payments. The lawyer detainment is geared to frustrate the release of a book that violates the confidentiality agreement of lawyers and clients. It further frustrates the legal obligations and lawyer’s ethics.