Brazil President -Jair Bolsonaro Now Positive for COVID-19

Brazil President -Jair Bolsonaro Now Positive for COVID-19

July 20, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

After months of COVID-19 downplay, Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian president) has contracted the virus.

Uttering on Brazilian mainstream media on Tuesday, he said that he knew Covid-19 would get to a more substantial part of the population at some point and that he had tested positive for the pandemic.

He added that on Sunday, he was feeling quite unwell, and the situation worsened on Monday since he was experiencing muscle pain, tiredness, and fever (38-degrees Celsius). The presidential doctor suspected it was coronavirus due to the symptoms; thus, he recommended a lung scan at the hospital.

The First Lady also took the test

In his interview with various media stations regarding his diagnosis, Jair said he was abstaining from in-person summits in the coming future and will use video conferences when dealing with pressing issues.

The Brazilian president also addressed the pandemic’s grave danger even though he had earlier dubbed it ‘Little Flu.’ “We know the fatality rate of the virus thrives at a particular age, for instance, in people who are 65 years and above like me and people with diseases, comorbidities, and other complications,” he said.

Bolsonaro had previously reassured the country that his lungs were okay after taking the COVID-19 test. While cladding a mask, he asked them to avoid getting close to him.

After announcing his result to the press, he took a step back and removed his mask

‘He Thought He was already Positive’

Brazil comes second after America in terms of coronavirus deaths and infections; however, Bolsonaro has often been seen in public places without a mask, hugging supporters and shaking their hands.

He uttered on Tuesday that he thought he had contracted the virus already owing to his dynamic activities. He added that he is battling the pandemic head-on since it’s his responsibility.

“Due to my physical contact with various individuals, I presumed I had the virus already and failed to notice like the vast Brazilian populace that acquires the virus without knowing.”

Based on Brazil’s ministry of health, there are 1,634,284 COVID-19 cases, and over 65,000 have succumbed to the virus.

Upon his Tuesday Diagnosis, the leader emphasized that governors and mayors are liable to manage the pandemic as ordered by the Supreme Court.

In a Facebook Live video on June, Jair also implied on the possibility of local politicians inflating COVID-19 fatalities to trivialize federal government efforts in responding to the virus.

“Doing Well Despite the Positive Test”

Jair says he’s fairing well a day after contracting the novel coronavirus. In a clip on Tuesday evening, Bolsonaro consumed what he claimed as the third hydroxychloroquine dose and attributed his state of health to the medication.

The drug is usually utilized in treating malaria but has been touted by Donald Trump (U.S president) and Bolsonaro as COVID-19 treatment.

There have been fewer medical proof to support the healing properties of the drug. The American National Institutes of Health last month stopped clinical drug trials on Coronavirus patients because of inadequate evidence. WHO( World Health Organization)also halted investigations into the efficacy of the drug since data does not show improved recovery rates in people suffering from the virus.

On his Wednesday Twitter Post, Bolsonaro said, “For those campaigning against hydroxychloroquine without providing alternatives, I hate to affirm that I’m doing extremely well from utilizing it, and thank Heavens, I’ll live longer.”

He is known for flouting the convention, and in March, he threw off concerns regarding the pandemic, claiming that his former athlete experience will protect him. He repeatedly refused to clad a face mask despite an order by the court to do so.

Public Health and local government officers have encountered multiple obstacles when enforcing crucial safety precautions such as indoor masks directives and enforcement of social distancing, thanks to Jair’s involvement and vetoing the legislation. The president says such measures will plummet the receding Brazilian economy.