Seoul’s Mayor Found Dead After a Sexual Harassment Complaint Was Filed Against Him

Seoul’s Mayor Found Dead After a Sexual Harassment Complaint Was Filed Against Him

July 22, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The mayor Of Seoul, South Korea, was recently found dead on a hill in northern Seoul. The body was discovered several hours after Mr.Park’s daughter reported him missing. The incident happened only a few days after a secretary in his office reported to the authorities that he had harassed her sexually back in 2017.

The hos of the death of the second most powerful official in Korea and a potential presidential candidate shocked many of the country’s citizens. The news of his possible links to new sexual harassment also sent a wave of shock across the country since Mr. Park was perceived as a woman right’s champion for many years. This position made him stand out from most of his counterparts since men dominate the upper echelons in most societies within Korea. The country is also renowned for its hierarchical code, which makes many women vulnerable to abuse.

At the time of his demise, Mr. Park, who was 64 years old, had previously canceled his official schedule and called in sick at City Hall after his secretary filed the harassment complaint. His daughter also reported that he left a will like a message before he left home. According to a national news agency in Korea, the message cited an unknown police source. These reports led many people to speculate that Mr. Park’s death occurred as a result of suicide.

The body of Mr. Park was discovered after a team of nearly 600 medical workers. Police officers who were aided by police dogs conducted a search in the northern Seoul Hills, where his cellphone signal was last detected. The mayor was reported to have left his home in a taxi for a park. His body was found on a wooded hill behind the park. Although the police didn’t find a suicide note at the scene, they also reported that there was no clear indication that he was murdered.

A day after his body was discovered, hundreds of Mr. Parks supporters gathered in front of Seoul National University Hospital where his body was taken for an autopsy to share their messages of condolences.

Before he met his demise, Mr. Park was serving his third term of Seoul’s mayor, a city with over 10 million residents. He was also cited as a prospective successor of President Moon, whose five-year term is set to expire in 2022. Before he became the mayor, Mr. Park was a prominent human rights attorney. He was also the founder of the most influential civil rights group in the country. He was renowned for winning several major human rights cases, such as the first sexual harassment case in South Korea.

Mr. Park also campaigned for women’s rights, such as the so-called comfort women who were forced or lured as working in the Japanese Army’s brothels during World War II. He also helped win the case against a police officer who molested a female student activist during the Korean military dictatorship in the 1980s. He also helped to win the case of a teaching assistant at Seoul National University. She prosecuted her [profdessor of refusing to rehire after she refused to give in to his sexual advances. This was the first sexual harassment case in the history of South Korea.

Mr. Park’s secretary’s decision to finally report the sexual harassment is thought to have been influenced by the #MeToo movement, which rose in South Korea in recent years. The movement has led many women to come forward with sexual harassment and abuse accusations against prominent men within the country, leading to many high-profile cases. Many of the accused men, including religious leaders, politicians, and professors, have apologized and resigned from their positions while others faced criminal charges.

Although President Moon supports this movement, many of his political allies have found themselves caught up in these allegations, causing disruptions in his governing liberal camp.