Missing ‘Glee’ Star Actress Naya Rivera at the California Piru Lake Presumed Dead by the Authorities

Missing ‘Glee’ Star Actress Naya Rivera at the California Piru Lake Presumed Dead by the Authorities

July 24, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

According to the county sheriff Kevin Donoghue, the 33-year-old Ms. Rivera never made it to the shore after boating with her son at the Lake Piru on Wednesday afternoon. Recent security footage released by authorities showed that the Fox series ‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera rented a pontoon boat with her 4- year old son Jose Hollis Dorsey when she mysteriously vanished on Wednesday evening from Lake Piru.

Three hours after the rented boat’s scheduled return, a boater by the name Dyer found Josey alone on the boat sleeping and in a life vest. Reports say that Josey was unharmed. Josey told the investigators that he and his mother were swimming when she disappeared and never returned to the boat. The search began immediately up until 10:00 p.m. The police said that Josey, whose father is Ryan Buschow, was reunited with his family members. A rental employee later found the boat at the northern end of the lake.

In his second conference on Thursday afternoon, about Ms. Rivera, Kevin Donoghue Said that there were no signs of Ms. Rivera making it back to the shore. He also stated that the efforts had changed from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. He further added that advanced technology like “sonar” was being implemented in Search of Rivera.

Donoghue also said that several helicopters from the sheriff’s office and those from the U.S. Coast Guard were in place and diligently looking for Ms. Rivera. “About a dozen boats are out on the water, multiple divers together with some personal watercraft,” Donoghue said. The sheriff also said his team was searching the northern half of the lake, hoping to find any clues or evidence of her disappearance.

Authorities say that the search process is slow due to the poor visibility in the lake. “This particular lake, in that area, there are many trees and plants, and such are under the water can cause entanglements. It makes it unsafe for the divers and makes a more complicated search.” said county sheriff Donoghue. He also stated that it might never come back up if the body was entangled beneath the water. The lake has been closed for the operation to take place undisturbed. “I think it is too early to say what happened here. We are still investigating and just still trying to find out what happened,” said Donoghue.

Rivera’s started acting at an early age of 4 on several shows such as “The royal family” CBS sitcom. She also made several guest appearances on TV shows such as “The fresh prince of Bel-Air,” “The Bernie Mac Show” and “Family Matters.” Her role as Santana Lopez, a cheerleader on Foxes’ Glee’ Naya, won critical acclaim. She has appeared as the main character in the show for the six seasons run. In 2011, Ms. Rivera was nominated for Grammy Awards as part of ‘Glee’ ensemble cast. She also signed a Columbia record deal in the same year. Her “sorry not sorry” memoir was published in 2016.

Ms. Rivera was previously married in 2014 to actor Ryan Dorsey. They later split in 2018 and shared custody of their son Josey. Hollis.

The YouTube premium show” step up.” was her most recent role. Her co-stars and other celebrities have constantly sent out their prayers and support to the family. Zack Taperman posted on social media, “I still can’t believe what I’m hearing and hoping it isn’t true. I’m just sad. Naya Rivera was one of the first people I had the honor of working with back in 2009 when I got into public relations and moved to Hollywood.one of the first people to give her advice and guide her through those crazy Glee days.”

A few days before the boating trip, Rivera shared photos of her and her son Josey. She had also posted an inspirational message on her social media tweet, quoting, “No matter the year, circumstance, or strife every day you’re alive is a blessing. Make the most of today and every day you are given. Tomorrow is not promised”.