FORD Motor’s CEO Jim Hackett Respond to Calls to Stop Making Police Vehicles

FORD Motor’s CEO Jim Hackett Respond to Calls to Stop Making Police Vehicles

July 28, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Ford Motor’s CEO Jim Hackett has received calls from Ford Employees to stop producing police cars for the United States police department.

The calls came from both inside and outside Ford for Jim Hackett to reconsider and stop doing business with the United States Police Department. This was because of the tragedy that happened in the month of May 2020, involving the killing of George Floyd by police.

George Floyd, a black man who at the time of the incident, was not armed caused public outcry against the police department. The now-famous Black Lives Matter Movement became even louder as it pushed for police accountability and reform.

Jim Hackett said that he together with Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford Motors, which is the second largest vehicle maker in sales in the United States, supports the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Jim Hackett Calls For Police Responsibility and Accountability

In a six hundred word letter to senior staff at Ford, Jim Hackett, Ford’s top executive acknowledged that the George Floyd’s tragedy, as well as other similar tragedies in the recent past, has brought police training into the limelight.

The top CEO, Jim, now at the age of sixty-five years noted that necessary police training and reform should be considered. In his letter, he pointed out that there are good police officers who are brave and dedicated to serve and to protect the society.

He continued to point out the very vital role that the police officers play to make sure there is safety in the society. Jim Hackett believes the safety that the first responders promote however should be inclusive to all people.

Jim Hackett Gives His Verdict on Producing Police Vehicle

Jim Hackett responded to calls for him to reconsider and stop producing vehicles to the United States police department. He explained in his letter that police credibility and the problems that are in the police department, has got nothing to do with the vehicles they are driving.

He continued to write that calling for police accountability and producing vehicles to the police in the United States do not have to be mutually exclusive. The vehicles are necessary for the police to do their work well.

Ford Motors and Other Well Known Brands under Pressure

The tragedy in the month of May where George Floyd ended up killed by police though he was not armed brought to the fore the emotive issue of racism.

Many people voiced their displeasure at the police department and called for a change in various sectors.

With the Black Lives Matter Movement and push for police accountability and reform, intense pressure for big company names like Facebook Inc and PepsiCo Inc to change how they conduct their business continued to rise.

Ford joined the list as the pressure intensified.

There has been a significant fallout, and Facebook has not been spared as it has faced an advertiser boycott.

PepsiCo Inc, on the other hand, and other big names have left out brands perceived to promote racism. has not been left behind either they have a one-year moratorium on software for facial recognition aimed at the police department.

Ford the Auto Maker’s Business Relationship with the United States

Ford sells more than two million police vehicles to the United States, making it the second-largest in sales of vehicles.

Ford has proudly dominated sales, and a few months ago, the company in sales accounted for two thirds of police cars. This has been Fords pride as it enjoys a good business relationship with the United States in supplying cars.

Among the models’ Ford produces for the United States police department are Fusion and Explorer Model. Jim Hackett further points out the fact that the models and vehicles that Ford produces go a long way to help the police officers do their job effectively.