Kanye West: American Rapper, Record Producer, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Kanye West: American Rapper, Record Producer, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

July 28, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Kanye Omari West is the American fashion designer, record producer, and Grammy Award-winning rapper. Prone to controversy and outspoken character, he even became more popular after marrying Kim Kardashian.

Kanye openly disclosed that he was the phenomenon of the 21st century. He made rap superstar having reinvented hip hop multiple times during his stellar career. However, Kanye West eclipsed his career time and again for putting his whole foot in his mouth.

He has made headlines for his peculiar tweets and terrific professions, honor show stage attacks, outré design sense, and his flashbulb-popping union with Kim Kardashian.

But when Kanye West channels his hubristic motivations into his music, the outcomes have infrequently been not exciting. In 2013, he rapped, saying he’s a god catching up with a line that probably he couldn’t deliver straight to his face.

In 1977, Kanye West was born in Atlanta to his dad, Ray, a photojournalist working with the Atlanta Journal paper, who was also politically dynamic in the Black Panthers. His dad later became a Christian counselor.

Kanye’s mom, Donda, was a teacher by a professional at Chicago State University. She eventually became the manager of her son’s music industry, before she passed while she was 58 years from heart disease in 2007 following cosmetic surgery. Her passing significantly affected the music career of Kanye West.

While Kanye was three years, Donda and Ray divorced amicably. Kanye was then raised in the middle-class of Chicago neighborhood by his mother, but he spent time with his father during summers. While Kanye West was ten years, her mother and he relocated to China for one year, where she taught in the university-exchange program.

In the wake of coming back to Chicago, Kanye West was attracted to the hip-hop scene in South Side and befriended the producer and D.J. No I.D., who became his coach. After graduating from Polaris High School, he won a scholarship to pursue studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. However, he moved out of the college to pursue music, and the first solo album tells it all.

After he invested energy producing for local artists, Kanye West built up a signature style, named “chipmunk soul,” described by sped-up soul samples. Later, he shifted to New York in 2001. In the city, he took a large break to deal with the Jay-Z track production, which showed up on the 2000 dynasty album.

In the coming year, he built on his blossoming reputation by delivering four songs on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint was generally viewed as one of the best rap collections ever. Kanye West then continued to produce for other great talented artists including Talib Kweli and Ludacris, the rappers Mos Def, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé.

After the Swift failure, West took a music break and focused on fashion. He was worked together with brands such as Nike on limited-edition sneakers and A Bathing Ape since 2006. In 2009, he purportedly interned at Gap and later Fendi, enabling him to get experience.

In 2011, Kanye launched his initial collection, but it was broadly panned. In the after-party show, he gave a wounded speech and requested that his followers give him a chance to grow. After one year, the second collection got a lukewarm reception, and he declared that he would never again perform in Paris.

At the beginning of 2019, Kanye appeared on Sunday Service sessions for the first time, where he did rapper performances and related gospel forms of his hits. Not a lot was known about the invite-only sessions, but the public got glimpses of social media clips.

In April 2019, West brought a bigger scope rendition of his new venture to Coachella for an extraordinary Easter Sunday show. During the presentation, Kanye and an enormous contingent of dancers and singers dressed in coordinating mauve robes performed on a human-made mountain.

On July 4, 2020, Kanye West tweeted that he would content for the U.S. president’s seat. According to his message, the time had come to live on the America promise while trust in God, bringing the vision together, and building the future.