How Warren Buffet is Helping Dominion Energy to Supply Natural Gas and Protect Environment through $10 billion Pipeline Investment

How Warren Buffet is Helping Dominion Energy to Supply Natural Gas and Protect Environment through $10 billion Pipeline Investment

July 30, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

In modern production and investment strategies, entrepreneurs and investors are being encouraged to invest in projects that will positively impact the Environment and thereby enhance sustainability, which has been a significant problem in the world. This comes when most of the production plants around the country have consistently proved to be the Achilles Hills to the ailing world through untreated sewerage, solid waste disposal, and release of harmful gas to the atmosphere, which amounts to environmental pollution.

Increase in Agricultural Environmental Pollution

In the last few years, it has been noted that it is not only factories and production plants are involved in excessive environmental pollution. Agricultural farms, especially those with a considerable number of animals, contribute to environmental pollution, albeit slowly but consistently. Unless something is done immediately, this kind of pollution will continue to be consistent, and it could have irreversible impacts in the atmosphere, which could even lead to the decline of oxygen in the air.

Smithfield Farms, which is known to be the largest pork rearing and producing agricultural farm in the United States, appreciates that it has negative impacts on the environment and has to come up with some innovative operational strategies that will reverse what is currently becoming a considerable problem. All the pigs the farm has reared contribute to the amount of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through a biological process.

What is the problem?

Manure and urine produced by the thousands of pigs inside Smithfield Farms are currently producing considerable greenhouse gas that has been having significant impacts on the surrounding communities and the Environment. When manure and urine decompose, through a biological process, methane gas is released into the atmosphere, and this leads to an increase in environmental pollution while at the same adding into the increasing impacts of greenhouse effects, which the country is working hard to protect and keep people healthy.

Although this is a natural and biological process, Smithfield Farms has experienced considerable litigation from the surrounding communities. It is high time the company acted responsibly in getting innovative ways through which the methane produced by decomposing manure and urine will be handled so that it is not released into the atmosphere to prevent environmental damages and also increased litigation, which continue to hurt the reputation of the farm in the country.

Dominion Energy Partnership

Smithfield Farms has agreed with Dominion Energy, with the partnership focused on trapping all the methane gas produced in the farm and the anaerobic digesters. Later, Dominion will channel all the gas into interstate pipelines and then transport and sell the gas to the green enthusiasts in homes and various businesses across the country. This is a strategic partnership focused on turning the harmful gas into another cash generation investment for Smithfield Farms and Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy is currently investing more than $650 million in various industries, whereby it is interested in getting methane gas from different agricultural farms and turns it into clean gas that can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. Diana Leopold highlights that this is a visionary and innovative investment strategy that will generate sufficient revenues for the company and go a long way in protecting the environment and minimizing the ever-increasing litigation against agricultural farms that come from environmental enthusiasts and the neighboring communities.

What is the Role of Warren Buffet?

Berkshire Hathaway, a business conglomerate owned by Warren Buffet, will be the principal financier for the more than seven thousand miles pipeline that Dominion Energy is planning to construct and pipe agricultural gas. The buffet is expected to invest more than $10 billion in the project, which is a significant injection of cash into renewable energy investment. This project will go a long way in dealing with a massive blow to coal and other fossils that have been damaging the environment.