Michelle Obama Partners With An Organization To Create A Mentoring Program

Michelle Obama Partners With An Organization To Create A Mentoring Program

August 3, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

This week, The Grammy Museum just recently announced its important partnership with a former First Lady of the United States. The non-profit organization will team up with Michelle Obama to help students who are attending college as well as one who have recently graduated.

A New Mentoring Program Is Created

Michelle Obama and this great non-profit organization will create a powerful mentoring program for college students. Grammy University will also be involved in this new mentoring program. Keep in mind that recent graduates are able to join this new mentoring program too.

Information About The Grammy Museum

The primary purpose of The Grammy Museum is to share the history and impact of music with the community. The museum hopes to uplift people through the power of music. For about a month, college students who participate in the mentoring program will gain important insights from a variety of experts in the music industry. Participates of this amazing program will be able to connect with these such music professionals virtually.

Music Professionals Can Help Students In Amazing Ways

Recent graduates and college students will have the opportunity to ask the music professionals questions about their careers and the entertainment sectors. Of course, the music professionals will be happy to offer the participants great advice and tools to succeed in the entertainment industry. The program will feature many different music professionals so that participants can be exposed to different types of insights.

Music Artists Who Will Serve As Mentors

A couple of the music professionals who will participate in this incredible program include Sasha Sloan and Little Big Town. These two great music entertainers have actually earned some awards for their great talent. As a result, there is no doubt that they will be able to help college students navigate their careers.

The Values Of The Grammy Museum

According to the president of this non-profit organization, the new program will uphold the museum’s values to make music an important part of people’s lives. The president strongly believes that music helps us be more authentic with people on a daily basis. The Grammy Museum is proud that it can help college students pursue many opportunities in the music industry through digital conferences.

Here’s How To Access The Mentoring Program

The good news is that some of the mentoring sessions will be available on social media platforms. The reason why these such sessions will not be held in person is because of the current pandemic. Keep in mind that these sessions will be held every Monday for about a month.

If you are interested in learning from excellent music professionals, you are probably wondering how to get started with this program. The new mentoring program will send invites to recent graduates and college students.

Reach Higher Will Also Be A Partner

In case you didn’t know, The Grammy Museum also supports people who consider themselves first generation college students through partnering with an organization known as Reach Higher. The current director of his reputable organization is extremely eager to be involved in this new mentoring program as he believes that music helps us express ourselves. He also thinks that it’s a great time for music professionals to support recent graduates and college students.

Michelle Obama’s Role In The New Mentoring Program

Reach Higher was actually started by Michelle Obama. The cause has actually been extremely successful since Michelle Obama’s years in the white house. The organization is also known for its great Beating The Odds Summit. Of course, first generation college students would love the opportunity to communicate with music artists.

Who Will Enjoy The New Mentoring Program?

Another music professional who will participate in the program is Sam Fischer. The new mentoring program will be especially beneficial for students who would like to record their own albums in the future. Students who have an interest in music will definitely enjoy this amazing mentoring program.