Naya Rivera Has Presumedly Passed at 33

Naya Rivera Has Presumedly Passed at 33

August 4, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

A year full of tragedy and controversy has taken another tragic turn. Singer and actress Naya Rivera has been presumed dead from a boating accident in California. Rivera is best known for her portrayal of cheerleader Santana Gomez in the hit TV show Glee.

On Thursday, the Ventura County Sheriff’s office announced that its search for a missing person has transitioned into a recovery mission. Investigators are of the belief that she had drowned.

Rivera had rented a boat with her four year old son through Los Padres National Resort. She was supposed to return the boat within three hours. When she didn’t, the employees went searching for her and found her four-year old son sleeping in the boat alone. The four year old son had confirmed that Rivera did not get back on the boat with him after they had swam together earlier.

The search for Naya Rivera is set to continue and it will involve helicopter operators and divers. 100 people are supposed to be involved in the search. Yet, the search is not going to be easy as they will face increased difficulty due to diminished visibility. The sheriff’s office pointed out the potential factor of visibility being effected by trees and roots being entangled below the surface of the water.

Tributes poured in from her former castmasters. Actress Jackee Harry sent well-wishes for Naya’s recovery as well as a callback to when they starred together in the short lived 90’s sitcom “The Royal Family.” Well-wishes were also sent by her former Glee castmate Chord Overstreet.

Naya Rivera’s Glee character “Santana” evolved significantly. She started as a minor character on the show and evolved into one of the main characters due to her wittiness and quick comebacks. Her character would continue to gain greater depth as she struggled with being a closeted member of the gay community. This was ground-breaking as this was an angle that wasn’t necessarily told on prime-time television alone.

Naya Rivera had made a name for herself in the acting world long before Glee.. She had prior roles in the iconic sitcoms Family Matters and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In addition, she even guest starred on The Bernie Mac Show.

Interestingly enough, Naya Rivera kept herself busy while she was a teenager. She was a greeter at Abercrombie & Fitch as well as a waitress at Hooters. With Glee being a musical, Naya Rivera had many opportunities to display her beautiful singing voice. We had the pleasure of her singing iconic songs such as Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade”.

Unfortunately, Naya Rivers’s career wasn’t without sadness or controversy. She was often in the tabloids as a result of her engagement to Big Sean. Additionally, Naya had to deal with the unfortunate death of her former cast-mate Cory Monteith via a drug overdose. This wasn’t the first time she had dealt with the death of a cast-mate. She was on the cast of The Royal Family when star and legendary comedian Redd Foxx passed away.

Additionally, she dealt with racism in Hollywood due to the fact that she was a mixed-race actress. She was also a political and social activist. Just last month, she took part in a Black Lives Matter protest.