Who Will Joe Biden Pick to Be His Running Mate?

Who Will Joe Biden Pick to Be His Running Mate?

August 4, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Due to COVID-19, both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention still have many moving parts to be determined. Among the unknowns is who former Vice-President Joe Biden will choose to be his running mate.

While voters already know that Republican Vice-President Mike Pence will be running with President Donald Trump for re-election, the Dem choice for Veep is far from finalized. In fact, according to CNN, there are still ten women who might be selected to run alongside Biden.

  1. Senator Kamala Harris

Harris is the former Attorney General of California. Plus, she lasted much longer than the other candidates in the crowded primary. She also is African-American, and many Democrats want an ethnic minority on the ticket.

  1. Keisha Lance Bottoms

She recently got infected with COVID-19, but she is still finding ways to get air-time during the Coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta and has administrative experience.

  1. Susan Rice

Rice worked for President Obama as his National Security Advisor. She also has been an ambassador for the US to the United Nations. This Washington, DC resident has plenty of contacts who could raise substantial amounts of money for the ticket.

  1. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

One of only two governors on the list, Grisham is from New Mexico. Before she became the chief executive of her state, this Latina served in the United States House of Representatives for five years.

  1. Representative Val Demings

Before this lady from Florida gained her seat in the US House in 2017, Demings worked in public safety for 27 years. She was the first woman to ever lead the Orlando police department. She could be a breath of fresh air amidst police and race tensions.

  1. Senator Tammy Duckworth

Before becoming a politician, this woman from Illinois served in the US military. She actually lost both of her legs in combat. She has an inspiring story due to her military leadership, but she also would be the first Asian-American to run on either party’s ticket.

  1. Senator Elizabeth Warren

She lasted longer than most candidates in the Democratic primary, but will she pegged for a cabinet position, instead, if Biden were to win? If not, she might choose to remain in her senate she’s held since 2013.

  1. Governor Gina Raimondo

There has never been a president or vice-president from Rhode Island. Will Raimondo break that glass ceiling? She already became the first woman to ever serve as governor in her state and has been in that role since 2015.

  1. Senator Tammy Baldwin

She would be the first openly LGBT person to ever be on the ticket from either party. This lady from Wisconsin also comes from a battleground state. Although she is a lesbian, she’s already shown she can win in the unpredictable Midwest.

  1. Representative Karen Bass

As head of the Congressional Black Caucus, Bass might be able to help with race issues dividing the country. She is from California and has served in the US House since 2013.

Who Will It Be?

Do you have your favorite? Who do you think former Vice-President Biden will peg to handle the same role he had for eight years under President Barack Obama’s leadership? Will one of the ladies above be chosen, or do you expect it to be someone else?

Biden has mentioned that his running mate would be a woman. But he also said it would be someone who has shared the debate stage with him. Only two of the ladies mentioned on July 9th by CNN’s Chris Cillizza have debated with Joe Biden.

Could it be that former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will be his choice? She has shared the debate stage with Mr. Biden. Plus, she has plenty of presidential campaign experience. Maybe she is getting ready to beat Trump and Pence once and for all.