How AssetCo Freight Offers an Interesting Range of 3PL Solutions

How AssetCo Freight Offers an Interesting Range of 3PL Solutions

August 13, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The third-party logistics (3PL) industry has expanded greatly over time. With the growth of the worldwide economy and the interconnectedness of modern society, there has never been a greater degree of commerce requiring logistics handling. While this has given shippers more options for getting their goods from one location to another, in some ways it has also served to make the process more convoluted. Thankfully, there are companies working to streamline this process and make transportation and storage easier to manage. To illustrate this fact, we looked to the example of AssetCo Freight, a leader in the field that is innovating solutions to aid clients in every phase of their shipping journey. Read the company overview below.

Company background

AssetCo Freight is owned by Luis Lopez, whose long span of experience in the field of logistics has left him uniquely placed to find impactful ways to meet client needs. That experience began when the founder was in high school and merely looking for a job to make some extra money. Through a close connection, he was able to land a position at a local logistics company. That experience would turn out to be formative as it not only gave him an early insight into how the industry functioned, it also gave him a look at parts of the status quo that lent themselves to potential improvement.

One example of this that serves to illustrate the entrepreneur’s focus on problem-solving was his identification of inefficiencies in the handling of hazardous materials. Since the handling of such materials is overseen by a myriad of regulations to ensure safety, many companies were slow to work with the materials. This left some customers frustrated with the lack of flexibility and agility in this section of the logistics market. Seeking to address that, the founder created a company that would focus on same-day handling of hazardous materials by allowing customers to arrange for transportation via an innovative software platform. The process not only helped to alleviate a pressing problem for many customers, it also previewed the entrepreneur’s understanding of how technology can be used to address issues in the industry.

Focus on tech

That understanding of technology has carried over into the businessman’s more recent ventures. One of the underlying principles behind the creation of AssetCo Freight has been the knowledge that technology can be a key factor in making a customer’s logistics experience more efficient. One of the ways the company puts this into practice is through its proprietary transportation management application — Truck Hub.

Created to offer customers an “Uber-like” experience, the application serves as a way for shippers to control every aspect of their transportation journey. This includes GPS tracking to better understand where a shipment is currently located. This information helps to give a customer real-time updates as to when a shipment can be expected to reach its destination. The application also allows drivers to edit shipment details so that they can communicate critical updates to a user’s dashboard. Updates can include information such as delivery and pickup times and can also associate shipments with related photos and documentation.

Pricing features

Another key aspect of the company’s transportation management system is its ability to connect shippers with carriers in an upfront and transparent manner. In the past, the 3PL industry often functioned through the use of so-called middlemen to facilitate these connections. While this facilitation could work, it didn’t always connect customers with the best carrier for the job. And even if a carrier was well-suited for a particular shipment, it was often difficult for customers to get a complete picture of what it would ultimately cost. This led to convoluted pricing structures.

By contrast, the 3PL company’s prices are completely transparent so customers know what they’re agreeing to pay before they commit. This feature allows customers to review the cost of a shipment before a dropoff would take place. It also eliminates many ancillary charges that were often used in the logistics industry to hide total costs from a customer. That means no fuel surcharges, surge pricing, or other related fees. The end result of this method of operating means that customers can be confident from the start as to how much their shipments will cost so that they can factor that information into their business plan.

Additional benefits

While price transparency and accurate shipment tracking are two huge draws for customers who are tired of antiquated 3PL practices, the company also offers additional benefits to further improve their services. One cornerstone of this work is its flexible scheduling policies. In much the same way as he has done for hazardous materials, the company’s founder has placed a premium on being able to offer customers the ability to plan their shipment when and where they want them. To that end, pickups can be set as either pre-scheduled or on-demand, with timing options including ASAP, 2-hour, 4-hour, or All Day.

The 3PL company also prides itself on alleviating its customers from many of the burdens that come from modern shipping necessities. For instance, the company works with fully insured, background-checked, and HIPAA-compliant drivers to ensure the safety and security of all shipments. The company also allows shippers to avoid the headache of active maintenance on a fleet of trucks. Maintaining such a fleet can not only be costly, it can also be a liability. By reducing overhead through the outsourcing of shipment needs, customers can focus on their main business plan and leave shipping maintenance to others.

While shipping and transportation practices are a critical part of what makes the modern economy function, it’s easy for some businesses to get lost in the convoluted practices still in use at many 3PL companies. Through the innovative usage of technology and customer-centric service, AssetCo Freight has emerged as one of the leading options for shippers seeking to avoid those headaches and streamline their transportation processes. The company’s efforts not only make this work more efficient, but they also relieve customers of maintaining burdensome transportation infrastructure. This is accomplished while still delivering flexibility and ease in all phases of logistics handling.

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