Biden Blames Trump for School Closures Since the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

Biden Blames Trump for School Closures Since the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

September 17, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

On 2 September 2020, in the Washingtonpost, Joe Bidden talked of teachers, students, and parents’ frustration concerning schools’ closure. He lay all his blames to the current president of the United States, His Excellency Donald Trump. Since the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, they have not been fully reopened.

During a briefing by the education stakeholders, Biden, who was with his wife Jill, referred the closure of schools as a “national emergency.” Biden channels the whole blame to Trump, claiming that in case they would have taken early precautions and measures on the crisis; American schools would be on the session by now.

Biden, a major rival to the Republican opponent, believes that American citizens should not vote in Trump for the second term because of what he terms as “poor leadership skills.”

According to the White House advisers and Trump campaigners, the push to open schools is politically influenced. However, they believe that schools will be opened gradually under tight instructions and measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

One of Trump’s administration measures to combat the spread of the virus in schools is Abbot machines’ allocation. These machines will be allocated in every state to test the number of students attending. Therefore, after one has been tested that s/he is allowed to attend classes and mingle with others in school.

Biden made all these remarks in Wilmington. This was a day before traveling to pay a courtesy call to Jacob Blake’s family in Kenosha. The reason for the visit was to pay tribute to the family for the loss of their loved one, who was shot seven times by men in blue.

Biden condemned this cruel act and called for action to be taken against the officer behind the death of Jacob Blake. He also called for charges to be filed against the officer responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor, murdered in cold blood in her apartment.

The rivalry between Biden and Trump is on the rise as the days of election draws nearer.

According to Trump, he advocates for the gradual reopening of schools. In his opinion, the reopening of schools should not be a political matter. He believes everything will be back to normal soon, and classes will be opened just like college football, churches, and businesses have been reopened.

In Biden’s proposals for reopening learning institutions, he requires approximately $200 billion in new funding for classroom renovation, improved classroom ventilation, and other measures to help in social distancing. He would also request support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give them full access to disaster relief and emergency assistance funds.

Biden has asked for the Federal government to come up with measures and clear guidelines for reopening schools. He still emphasizes that the issue of school closure is a “national disaster.” Therefore, it is up to the president, federal agencies, and education stakeholders to decide how to open schools.