Melania Trump A Woman Of Few Words Knows How to Speak Her Mind

Melania Trump A Woman Of Few Words Knows How to Speak Her Mind

October 15, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Melania Is The Second First Lady Born Outside The United States

Slovenia-born Melanija Knavs grew up in a modest apartment in a town called Sevnica. Her mother was a children’s clothing patternmaker, so in 1975, at the age of five, Melanija began her modeling career. She modeled some of the clothing produced by her mother’s factory. During her teenage years, she moved to a two-story house in the same town.

During her high school years, Melanija lived in a high-rise in the town of Ljubljana where she studied design and photography. She attended the University of Ljubljana after secondary school, and she studied design and architecture. But after her first year, she dropped out.

At 16, Melanija began modeling for a professional photographer. That’s when she changed the spelling of her last name to Knauss, which is the German spelling. When she turned 18, she got a modeling job in Milan, Italy. In 1992, she placed second in the “Look of the Year” contest sponsored by Jana Magazine. That contest gave her the opportunity to model in Paris and Milan. In 1995, she met Paolo Zampolli, the co-owner of Metropolitan Models. Zampolli was one of Donald Trump’s friends.

Melanija moved to New York in 1996. Melanija changed the spelling of her name to Melania when she came to the United States. In 1998, she met Donald Trump at a party, and the couple started dating during Trump’s divorce from second-wife Marla Maples.

Melania modeled for the French Magazine, Max, and other magazines during her early years in the United States. She modeled nude in Max Magazine, and she also modeled nude in other publications as well as in GQ Magazine in January 2000. The GQ piece showed her resting on a fur on Donald Trump’s airplane with nothing on but jewelry. That shot made the cover.

Trump and Melania announced their engagement in 2004, and on January 22, 2005, they got married. In 2016, Melania became the second woman born outside the United States, and the first naturalized citizen to become the First Lady. London-born Louisa Adams was the first woman to reach First Lady status during John Quincy Adams’s presidency.

Melania Is The Subject Of A Tell-All Book By Former Friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff met Melania while she planned events for Vogue Magazine. The two women became close friends, but they had a nasty falling-out in 2018 and went their separate ways. The nasty falling-out gave Wolkoff the opportunity to expose the real Melania to the world through her book, Melania and Me.

Wolkoff’s book paints a picture of deceit and deception by Melania throughout the woman’s friendship. The White House claims the book is full of twisted truths. But Wolkoff claims Melania knows how to speak her mind, and she has recorded proof the facts about the First Lady in the book ring true.

Some of the facts like calling Ivanka and Jared Kushner snakes, and saying she knew who she married after the Access Hollywood tape went public seem weird to some and true to others. And the fact Melania refused to move to the White House until the bathroom used by the Obama’s went through a renovation is hard to believe for some people. But according to Wolkoff, she heard and secretly recorded Melania’s statements and demands.