Kat Taylor: For the Heart of Humanity and Hard Work

Kat Taylor: For the Heart of Humanity and Hard Work

October 27, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Kat Taylor is a multi-talented business mogul married to billionaire Tom Steyer. Following their passion for charity, Taylor and Steyer inaugurated Beneficial State Bank in 2007. They intended to have it serve as “an impact investment,” and it gave them fulfillment. For years, Steyer and Taylor had discussed the idea of using a philanthropic foundation to start a bank, which would loan non-profit making organizations and also do business to generate profits. Its profits would then be directed towards charitable causes in the community.

Beneficial State Bank has since grown amazingly, birthing 13 branches across Washington and Southern California. Initially, Taylor served as the CEO of Beneficial but moved to the chairperson’s position in January.

Impacting Lives Through TomKat Ranch

Taylor, being a jack of all trades, turned their 1800-acre cattle ranch into agricultural land, where she advocates for proper animal treatment and focused farming. Before the pandemic struck, TomKat ranch endeavored in gathering data regarding soil health, operating on-site seminars, and influencing huge institutions to buy their agricultural products. When the pandemic hit, Taylor and Steyer shifted their attention to supplying chicken and cages to needy food banks and senior homes.

Radicle Impact is yet another venture by Taylor, which develops networks aimed at sensing pollution. Taylor’s idea is to boost Radicle Impact through family wealth and other investors’ fortunes; she intends to generate real cash through this venture.

Their Amazing Journey in Parenting

This San Francisco-based couple has a beautiful perception of parenting. Initially, they channeled their energy towards acquiring wealth to help their four children enjoy all the academic privileges they wished. When their lastborn was aged 16, they already had more assets than they would spend their entire lifetime.

To gauge their children’s perceptions and expectations, Steyer and Taylor engaged them, both singly and collectively. They wanted to instill a culture of independence, where their children wouldn’t rely on them for financial freedom or endowment. More to wealth, they endeavor to influence their children to live a life worthy of their calling. It is an idea any parent may want to pick from this duo.

Taylor as a Political Force to Reckon

Taylor has an exceptional ability to multi-task. In the past, she has simultaneously handled business, charity works, and politics, all on the verge of positively impacting the world. Her heart appears like a fountain from which goodwill flows. When she moved from the CEO position at Beneficial State Bank in January, she joined her husband in the campaigns. Taylor could be up and down running to streamline things as though it was her job.

From when Taylor was as young as five, she would watch the assassination cases, like that of JKF, from their small screen. Such cases, coupled with the image of civil rights activists protesting and marching, could not escape her mind. Back then, she realized there was a lot of wickedness in America, and the spirit of an activist indwell her. Atoning for such societal problems without addressing it was appalling, and she was not going to move with the waves.