Barack Obama Writes About Married Life Inside the Oval Office

Barack Obama Writes About Married Life Inside the Oval Office

December 21, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Barack Obama let the world take a peek inside his personal life. He just released his second book detailing his time in office and his life before the presidency. In this book, readers will get a feel for his marriage. Most people are familiar with this power couple, but they may not know that Michelle and Barack have weathered many of the same difficulties as regular people.

The pages let us look into what it was like living at Pennsylvania Ave. It may have appeared to be a white mansion from the outside, but once you get to look inside, you see that it is a complicated machine. These two people have had to follow in the footsteps of many other husband-and-wife teams. They were not the first to traverse these murky waters, but Mr. Obama was the first to expose his vulnerable side in this written manner.

The book tells people that Michelle helped keep his feet grounded during his time in office. A charming story that he highlighted was when he was honored by the Nobel committee. When he won the Peace Prize, Michelle was happy for him, but she let him know that he was not superhuman. She did this by acknowledging his achievement and then returning to bed.

Later in the book, Barack shared that there were times when he yearned for their relationship’s early days. It was quieter and much simpler. Moving to the White House placed a strain on him because of the weight he had to carry.

Michelle stood by his side through the dark and heavy nights. That must have been a comforting feeling. In this position, one needs a rock. For Barack, his rock was his wife and family. Many might have guessed that, but this memoir spelled it out in black and white.

There were some cute stories about their early years together. When they first started dating, they had quirky opinions about each other. They were young and hard working. Mrs. Obama was a lawyer, so she had little time to deal with players. Barack came along and gave her a breath of fresh air. She admitted that she did not think they would be dating. Time has told the rest of that story.

No one ever saw the couple disagree in public, but Barack noted that they differed in private from time to time. Sometimes the arguments were heated, and they took a toll on both of them. It did not show up in the Oval Office. The two kept a professional front. The American public kept their focus on politics instead of what was happening in their private life because of how they acted in public.

Barack Obama goes on to explain that the trials and tribulations that happened during a marriage can build a strong bond between two people if they work at it. It could not have been easy raising a family, having a personal life, and running a country, but Mr. and Mrs. Obama conquered the internal challenges together.