Business Creativity: How Small Retailers Are Creative to Survive the Pandemic Holiday Season

Business Creativity: How Small Retailers Are Creative to Survive the Pandemic Holiday Season

December 22, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

No mask, no service! This is the slogan message that you will see when visiting various retailers since they are also cautious about the virus that has taken the economy to a stake by claiming people’s lives and forcing the closure of various businesses that contribute greatly to the revenue that the country is earning. As we are approaching this holiday season with the virus still being with us, retailers have decided to employ creativity to survive in their businesses. This is said to be the busiest season in the year and the number of customers is most likely to double on weekends to buy holiday gifts and goods for parties.

Even though consumer shopping behavior has changed, retailers are on the way to come up with proper ways to embrace the change and make sure they are serving these clients with respect to the measures to curb the spread of the virus. Most of them have decided to go online through various platforms to be able to serve virtually their clients but also make sure that there are some logistic arrangements for delivery of the products ordered by the clients. For example, the Moran shop owner decided to make sure that all the sales during this time are done completely online to assist against the spread of the virus that is deadly.

Online sale is something that was in use averagely 10% before the pandemic but at the moment, every business is trying on how it will be able to survive online since it’s the current trend due to change in the shopping behavior of the customers and also regulations by the state. Moran owner says that at the moment, they are trying all the best to make sure that everything they are supplying is available on their website for customers to find it easy making their order and get the order within time. Through this, customers will be able to get their holiday gifts and the necessities for parties in the comfort of their homes.

Creativity is the only means of survival for the store owners in the hot spot areas of the pandemic since the only other way is to shut down their businesses. The owners not only want to ensure the safety of their customers but also the safety of their employees too since every life matter in business. Driving people in websites and applications therefore can be seen among the best creative strategies embraced by the retailers to make sure that holiday shopping is safe. Even though it is challenging to start the whole online selling process, but it’s been rendered among the best approaches for businesses to embrace at the moment.

Since no one knows when the virus will be cured or fully controlled, it’s everyone’s efforts to take care of each other by doing what will least make them susceptible to the deadly virus. Even though it is hard to embrace the new way of life, but your life and the life of others matter too hence, all the measures to curb the spread of the virus need to be taken into account as we emulate what retailers are doing.