One of the First U.S. Hot Spot Under Another Siege of Coronavirus

One of the First U.S. Hot Spot Under Another Siege of Coronavirus

December 23, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

How to contain and control the spread of coronavirus is something very hard and most of the countries are still facing many challenges over the same. The USA is not an exception with previously reported that one of the first hotspots for the virus being under siege again. Glen Island Park has started to portray some lines again, testing center was set up in the city upon the first case arrival which was reported in March. Last week, the workers at the local hospital proceeded on a strike saying that they are fearing about their working conditions as the infection rates in the facility have raised and hospitalization on the other hand.

Signs again have hit the door here and the people living in the hot zones are being turned away. New Rochelle is a city that previously was hit so hard by the virus when it first appeared nine months ago, some signs for return of the virus in the city at a very high rate are been seen currently. Containment measures were taken in the city in March but now the virus is back. On Friday, 11,271 cases were confirmed in the state and this means that the positivity rate had surpassed the 5% mark. This is a city that was greatly hit by the virus where people lost their lives and the return of the virus is giving people sleepless nights.

The local leaders and health experts say that this is not only a sign for the county but also something that might affect the entire country. Some of the residents here are able to return to their strict measures against the virus so that they are in a better position to survive the second wave of the virus. You will find most of them in their homes. Others say that they just watch as others like their neighbours are laying down their guard against the deadly virus. As per average of the seven-day period, the positivity has risen to 5% and some areas experience this rate being very high.

Some of the measures that are expected to curb the spread of the virus is shutting down in-person schooling and closing of some businesses that are running and exposing people to a great risk of contracting the virus. Taking control of the virus across various cities is not something simple. Geographic control mechanisms are what need to be implemented since when a hotspot is controlled, it will be easier for other areas affected by the virus to be controlled. This is a virus that has spread widely and it will be necessary to impose some measures like restricting gatherings among many others to control the wave.

The citizens are anxious since they don’t know what is going to happen during this second wave considering the effect that they felt during the first wave where most people infected with the virus lost their lives. Most of the residents respond to this by taking matters into their hands as much as they can since they are responsible for their future and the future of their kids too.