Trump Awarded Losses by Courts Across the Country in His Attempt to Upend Election Result

Trump Awarded Losses by Courts Across the Country in His Attempt to Upend Election Result

December 25, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

The outgoing president Donald Trump recently together with his allies deals with additional blows in Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona since the court has rejected their effortful attempts to challenge the presidential election results of which Trump loses to Joe Biden. These rulings were announced on Friday in response to the efforts by Trump and all his backers trying to challenge the presidential elections which Biden was announced as the legal and elected winner. The state and federal levels have dismissed a dozen lawsuits that Trump filed since November. Even though the alluded to the occasion of not being at the office by next year, Trump has not yet accepted the presidential results.


Judges here from the state court ruled in a 2-1 against the outgoing president said that the team was requesting for the challenging of the results which is very hard since the State Board of Canvassers has already certified the presidential results in the discussion. The campaign by Trump further made a mistake and lost the window when they did not request a recount of the votes since this is regarded as the only legal means to be pursued. There was no evidence of fraud by the Bidens team and by now, every case filed by Trump in Michigan has either been lost or withdrawn due to lack of legal support.


Also, the Trump campaign here requested either a recount of the votes or making Biden’s win void of which all of the petition was dismissed by the state court. This is due to failure to prove the suggested fraud, any misconduct in the elections, and illegal votes that they claimed. Marc Elias who is an attorney said that there was no supportive evidence provided and that there were many garden varieties errors. Such are errors that clearly indicate that there will be no instance of overturning the results. He continued by saying that Biden is the winner of the elections and nothing heard so far could change the fact.


A ruling of 4-3 against Trump’s lawsuits for the second day by the Wisconsin Supreme Court has hit the entire Trump team so hard since they were laying down every effort to make sure the presidential election results are invalidated. On Thursday, the court withdrew the lawsuit that Trump filed to remove more than 221,000 votes from the presidential election results in Wisconsin total votes. Justice Brian said that once the doors for judicial invalidation of the presidential results are opened, it is very hard for the judicial system to close them again. It’s very hard to calculate the power of losing public trust in such a constitutional order. It’s very hard also for the court to use unnecessary forces to arrive at a judgment to favor one party.


Trump’s campaign was hit hard when District Judge Russell all the attempts by the Republicans to declare Trump as the winner in Nevada. All the list of accusations against Biden by Trump did not have any supportive prove as per the statement by the judge.