The Newly Imposed Stay-At-Home Order in California. What it Means

The Newly Imposed Stay-At-Home Order in California. What it Means

December 26, 2020 0 By Stephen Callahan

Recently, the governor of California imposed a new order that restricts traveling outside the county’s territories. The governor urges Californians to limit their travel behaviors and remains at their homes for three or four weeks. This comes when hospitals in California are experiencing a surge in covid19 cases and are at risk of being overpopulated. This order will begin on Sunday and is expected to go on until 4th January 2021. These rules are expected to affect the people from San Francisco and other counties like Marin, Alameda, Berkeley, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara.

The new travel restrictions include limiting the capacities at which retailers conduct their businesses. The people in the hospitality industry, like hotels, have been allowed to operate but only under critical cases only. However, the announcement of these restrictions by the governor is still unclear to most citizens.

The Effect of the New Stay-At-Home Restriction

According to the secretary of health and human services in California, Dr. Mark Ghaly, the government is not asking its citizens but telling them to cease all travel plans, including those going for holidays. Dr. Mark insisted that the main message is for everyone to remain at home as much as possible. However, Mark said that the beaches and park would not be closed. They will be open for anybody who wishes to engage in hiking, fishing, skiing, yoga, running, and snowboarding. These activities are commonly identified as helping people suffering from distress and mental health, which have been caused by the mixed messages about the pandemic. There have been several issues raised concerning the travel restrictions. State representatives have urged the citizens to stay in their respective counties as much as possible. If they wish to drive, it should not exceed more than three hours. A person is allowed to travel for crucial matters or get permission to work under these guidelines. The essential part is long-distance travel has been banned.

Sectors Affected by the New Restrictions

Apart from the tour and travel sector, the new guidelines have also restricted any form of public gathering and business sectors. The only exemption is on the crucial infrastructure and retail sectors. However, they are required to maintain the social distance guidelines provided earlier and always wear a mask. Ski resorts are allowed to continue their operations but will have to close areas like breweries, campgrounds, food and beverages, zoos, aquariums, and museums. These are the areas that attract the most people.

The Questions Frequently Asked

Pete Hillan, the spokesperson for the California hotel and lodging association, said several questions need to be answered by the government. Some of these questions include:

Will Californians be required to give reasons for their traveling activities?

Will they be prosecuted for traveling?

What are the requirements for someone checking in at a hotel?

Will Californians be expected to prove they are not tourists?

Hillan said that they are waiting on the government’s directive on answering those questions.