Rebel Wilson Drops Stunning Amount of Weight

Rebel Wilson Drops Stunning Amount of Weight

January 1, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Comedienne Gets Healthy

Recently, many were surprised to see pictures of actress Rebel Wilson, who has lost a great deal of weight since the beginning of the year. A staple of comedy films such as Pitch Perfect, Wilson has often capitalized on her larger stature, leading to roles that would even poke fun at her weight. But, in the early moments of 2020, Wilson just had a feeling that she wouldn’t be working so much in 2020. In a recent Instagram Live, Wilson reflected upon all of the events that led to her losing over 50 pounds during the year.

Getting Technical

First, the Australian actress decided to go to an Austrian health clinic where she would be tested and given an appropriate diet for someone of her body type. In her video, Wilson also revealed that she suffers from PCOS, a disorder that often leads women to gain weight. Wilson also pontificated about the difference between self-confidence and self-worth. While she believes that she has displayed a plentiful amount of the former during her career, it was the latter that had always presented problems for her.

Exploring Emotional Eating

As part of her weight loss journey, Wilson decided to get off the diet bandwagon and learn more about herself. She went deep within and explored why it was that she had become overweight and maintained this higher weight over the past two decades. With the help of her doctors, she was able to identify the patterns that lead to her emotional eating. It wasn’t long before the pound started coming off; of course, the press noticed right away. Wilson dubbed 2020 her “year of health” and even stated that she posted about her weight loss on social media in order to establish accountability for herself. That way, if she didn’t stick to your goals, the public would hold her to them.

A Good Year for Rebel Wilson Amid Tumult

As it turns out, Wilson, like so many other actors, ended up not working very much during 2020 due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire globe. In that way, it was the perfect year for the actress to focus on her health and personal life. Recently, she has been spotted with Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch. In all of her red carpet outings, she almost seems like a new person, showing off her impressive weight loss, as well as a new lease on life. For many of her followers, Rebel Wilson has become a huge inspiration as far as weight loss and self-improvement goals go. Although she has yet to title the year 2021 anything specifically, it should be interesting to see where the actress decides to go next. If it’s anything like what she was able to accomplish this year, the sky is the limit.