Mike Pence Walks The Trumpian Line While He Prepares To Run In 2024

Mike Pence Walks The Trumpian Line While He Prepares To Run In 2024

January 4, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Mike Pence served President Trump like a loyal troop commander who never heard a Trumpian order he didn’t obey. For the last four years, Vice President Mike Pence traveled around the world praising President Trump’s leadership, and he defended his questionable remarks and tweets.

Mr. Pence was one of the first Republicans to join the Trump campaign. Pence knew his evangelical followers would play an important role in the 2016 election. Mr. Trump gave Mike the second seat on the ticket because he knew he could get Mike to do whatever he wanted him to do.

Mike Pence Had A Tough Time With The LGBTQ Community When He Was Governor Of Indiana

Pence is a Columbus, Indiana born, and Hanover College and Indiana University-educated lawmaker. Mike ran for a seat in Congress twice before he became a conservative talk show host in the late 1990s. Mr. Pence finally won a congressional seat in 2000. He represented two Indiana congressional district for 12 years. Mike was also the chairman of the House Republican Conference for two years.

Mike likes to describe himself as a Christian. But he also describes himself as a conservative and a Republican in that order. He supported the Tea Party movement, and he also was the chair of the National Space Council. In 2020, President Trump named him chairman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Mr. Pence, and his wife Karen, believe being gay violates one of God’s laws. Mike passed a bill that discriminated against the gay community when he was the governor of Indiana. Several large corporations decided to boycott Indiana unless Pence lawmakers gave the gay community equal rights. Pence and lawmakers finally agreed to change the law. But Mike hasn’t changed his religious beliefs, according to Pence critics.

Mike Thinks Trump’s Lawsuits Will Not Change The Election Results

Mr. Pence called a friend after the election results showed he should start packing for a January trip back to Indiana. Mike told his friend the other Republicans on the ballad experienced the success he and Trump hoped to experience. Mr. Pence is not completely on board with the president’s decision to fight the outcome in the courts, according to his friend. Mike knew he lost, but he had to walk the Trumpian line if he wanted a future in the Republican Party.

The vice president’s supporters claim Pence should be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. But Mike knows he has to play the ever-loyal foot soldier and sing the praises of the White House’s response to the pandemic for that to happen.

Pence Wants To Run For President In 2024

Loyal Pence supporters believe Mike is the best choice in 2024. But according to President Trump’s recent comments, he plans to run in 2024. Trump recently raised more than $200 million to support a 2024 campaign.

According to Mr. Pence, his first mission as a private citizen is to find a place to live since he’s lived in government housing for the last seven years.