Ghislaine Maxwell Files Motion to be Released on Bail

Ghislaine Maxwell Files Motion to be Released on Bail

January 18, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

After just a few months in jail, Ghislaine Maxwell is planning to file a new motion asking to be released on bail. Maxwell is the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. She was arrested last July for being an accomplice to Epstein. Maxwell was charged with recruiting, grooming, and abusing three young girls in a shocking alleged pedophilia ring. One of the victims was only 14 years old.

Details of Motion: According to new court filings, Maxwell’s lawyers said that their client has assembled new information that was not available when she was initially denied bail. This new proposed bail package is also reported to be signed by family members and friends.

The motion was filed under seal in November but was just unsealed last Friday. Maxwell’s attorneys told a federal judge that the bail request contains sensitive information that could potentially defame Maxwell as well as various third parties. The team of lawyers said that the third parties would likely be scrutinized in the media and harrassed if the details were released.

Financial Report to be Released: In addition to the bail application, the judge was informed that Maxwell is ready to deliver a comprehensive report that details her financial picture over the last five years. This professional report will be prepared by an accounting firm, providing information about all of her assets. The fuzzy financial picture initially provided by Maxwell was one of the primary reasons that she was denied bail.

Maxwell’s Sentence: Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges brought against her last summer. She is currently being detained in Brooklyn, New York, at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Just two weeks ago, Maxwell’s attorneys wrote a letter to the court criticizing the conditions of their client’s prison stay.

Maxwell’s Attorneys Criticize Jail Conditions: The lawyers have decried the fact that Maxwell is woken up once every 15 minutes to ensure that she is still alive. She is also being held in what is being described as a de facto solitary confinement. The former British socialite also enjoys less calling privileges than other prisoners. Critics of her jail conditions say that she is being put under this scrutiny only because of Epstein’s suicide while in prison last year.

However, the judge that ordered Maxwell to be put in jail until her trial said that she is a flight risk due to her vast wealth and international ties. Maxwell’s trial is currently set for next summer.