Speculation over Whereabouts of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli

Speculation over Whereabouts of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli

April 5, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Speculations have run rampant over Tanzania’s president’s whereabouts, who has not been seen in public for a few weeks. The president, who makes appearances every Sunday at church services, has failed to appear since 27th February causing significant anxiety over his health.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, in a statement, said that the president was “fine and continuing with his daily activities,” as broadcasted by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation. He was attending a prayer session in the Njombe region. Some unconfirmed sources claim that he had been admitted to Kenya’s Nairobi hospital with COVID-19 complications, but these rumors have not been verified. He has been termed as “the missing” president in some news outlets as he usually is very vocal every week.

The president’s stand over the pandemic has made him unpopular both in Tanzania and the international community. He has maintained that Tanzania has not been affected by COVID-19 and has not attempted to acquire the vaccines for Tanzania. Cases have emerged of Tanzanian’s traveling to other countries and have been found to have a new strain B.1351. “WHO” has remained very concerned over the president’s actions and has continuously called on the country to share the data on the country’s infection rate.

The president has raised concerns over the vaccines’ safety and has stated that the country had overcome the pandemic. In the earlier days of the pandemic, he had urged the Tanzanian people to pray the pandemic away.

The recent deaths of top officials in the country have raised concerns over the country’s levels of infections. The president has now told people to follow the guidelines set by the “WHO” on prevention from the pandemic. He also said that people should use herbal remedies to mitigate the pandemic and use masks made locally safer than the imported ones.

US ambassador to Tanzania has stated the country has started taking a stand against the pandemic, adding that countries bordering Tanzania very vulnerable to “out-of-control blazes” at the border. He added that if left unchecked, there is a risk of the emergence of other variants of the virus affecting the available vaccines.

Its neighbors that have taken drastic measures against the virus will welcome Tanzania’s gradual change over its stand on COVID-19. “WHO” is still urging the country to start sharing data and taking more precautions against the virus’s spread. The region will benefit significantly if Tanzania changed and started being more proactive in stopping the spread.