Dissecting the Career of Sheldon Lavin – An Executive at OSI Group

Dissecting the Career of Sheldon Lavin – An Executive at OSI Group

April 7, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

OSI Group is among the prominent food processing firms globally. The firm usually manufactures hamburgers on a contract basis. Initially, the company would only sell its products around Chicago. With time, it expanded to other parts of the globe, including China. The global expansion has taken place under the Sheldon Lavin regime, an executive and shareholder in the corporation.

Lavin manages the food processing firm in the capacity of chairman. According to Forbes, Lavin is currently worth $3 billion. Despite his remarkable success rate and popularity as an executive at OSI, Lavin rarely addresses the press. As per his track record, he is the perfect business partner since he is a low-key individual. Recently, the firm entered into a partnership with Impossible Foods. The firm usually manufactures Impossible Whoppers that are currently on demand by brands such as Burger King.

The fate of McDonald’s and Sheldon Lavin aligned together. As OSI came into existence, only a shop was run by a butcher of German origin. The German immigrant later went ahead to sign a contract with Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald’s. Otto Kolschowsky worked alongside his sons, and they would deliver fresh hamburgers to the McDonald’s outlets in Chicago. The demand for the products offered by the food-processing firm was high, and they had to raise more money since they had to increase the freezing capacity in the corporation.

Since Sheldon Lavin was working as a banker, OSI went ahead to seek his assistance. They needed to look into how they would finance the corporation. Sheldon Lavin ensured that OSI got the capital they needed. The amount he helped OSI acquire has never been disclosed to the public. Afterward, Lavin became a shareholder at OSI. Later on, he also became the CEO of the corporation.

Later, one of the OSI founder sons sold their stake, and Lavin didn’t hesitate to acquire the shares, making him the largest shareholder. He also acquired the shares owned by the other son to the founder. In the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin took complete control of the firm, and he was determined to ensure the firm had scaled to greater heights.

Since McDonald’s had ventured into the global market, Lavin asked himself why OSI could not follow suit. He came up with the initiative to go international, and OSI started by setting up food processing plants in Spain and Germany. Later on, OSI expanded to Asia and Eastern Europe.

Final Thoughts

Sheldon Lavin is a determined individual. He also takes advantage of each opportunity that comes his way. His ability to be a visionary has spearheaded the remarkable growth OSI has experienced since he took over.