Sam Heughan Reflects on James Bond Audition

Sam Heughan Reflects on James Bond Audition

August 10, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Actor Sam Heughan is one of those rare actors, one who receives a second chance at superstardom. Heughan recently auditioned to replace Daniel Craig. Craig officially retires from the James Bond franchise after his final film, No Time to Die hits the screen.

A Chance at 007

Actors might miss out on an excellent opportunity for a tremendous role. Several would-be James Bond actors didn’t get their shot the first time around. Roger Moore lost out to Sean Connery but took over the role in 1973, and Timothy Dalton was one actor Moore beat in the recasting. The studio hasn’t awarded Heughan the role, but publicizing the casting audition may suggest producers are seriously interested.

Heughan was 25 when he took the audition for Casino Royale, making him too young for the part, the same reason Dalton received a “nay” in 1973. An older Heughan would be a better fit for the role, and his enthusiasm counts for a lot, too.

George Lazenby’s disinterest in the role led to his departure after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Craig publicly expressed his displeasure with the role after several films. Sean Connery couldn’t hide his desire to leave the part, either. The press tour for You Only Live Twice saw Connery act dismissive. Like Craig, producers were able to coax Connery back one more time, with a tremendous price tag.

A Role for Heughan

Heughan noted in a podcast interview that he started working on his approach to James Bond, 007. While the character has specific traits, each actor playing the character made significant changes in attitude. All dressed well and maintained an air of erudite sophistication, while some were a lot funnier than others. Heughan likely knows he has to follow established aspects of the character and deliver his unique take.

Perhaps Heughan allowed that to come through during the audition. Whether the producers appreciated his audition is something fans will know in time.

Significant fan enthusiasm exists for Sam Heughan’s super-spy candidacy. The studio may take fan reactions into consideration when making a final decision.