How Rich is Robert Downey Jr.? He is Hollywood Best Paid

How Rich is Robert Downey Jr.? He is Hollywood Best Paid

September 6, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Robert Downey, Jr. attended The Louisa May Alcott School in Rockport. He later pursued a college course at Antioch School for Arts and Sciences in Atlanta. After successfully studying Theatre, he transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles, and became involved with a short-lived rock band called Pop Will Eat Itself. He eventually dropped out of the University to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Robert Downey Jr. struggled to get back to his feet until he got a breakthrough role in Alan Parker’s Lenny (1988).

Being a Hollywood Star

Downey has no less than 10 Academy Award nominations for his work in film and television. Apart from being a leading actor in various films and series, he writes, produces, and directs. Moreover, he was the producer of the Tony Award-winning play Jitney and appeared as a jury member on the comedy series Weeds. With more than 55 film credits, Downey has also appeared in TV shows, including Arrested Development, Medium, King of the Hill, Nip/Tuck, and Homicide: Life on the Street. He played the roles of Derek Vinyard in his original film, Tropic Thunder, and Wilson Fisk in the Marvel superhero film Daredevil.

Achieving Success After Drug Abuse

The 56-year-old actor has served numerous times in prison for drug abuse, but he earned massive success after completing drug treatment programs. Not only that, but his previous work movies such as The Birdcage, Tropic Thunder, and Sherlock Holmes earned him numerous nominations at the Academy Awards. The actor appeared in online games such as A Game of Thrones, The Lego Movie, The Incredible Hulk, and Marvel’s Avengers, the last of which won him another Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

His Rise from Addiction to Fame

A frequent visitor of the Betty Ford Center in 1985 and 1992, RDJ overcame his addiction and returned to the limelight. This achievement was accomplished by the screenplay of 1992’s Dr. Seuss’ The Mask, where he played an addict. The movie opened up new markets to his career and expanded his presence on television. Robert Downey Jr. is estimated to have made more than $100 million during the last year, making him the highest-paid Hollywood actor for the last decade, with $75 million. His financial earnings had been speculated by many while the actor himself tried to hide his wealth. After being arrested various times due to drug possession, he managed to live a clean life.