Top Achievements that Google Cloud is Proud Of

Top Achievements that Google Cloud is Proud Of

September 17, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Google cloud is a leading brand in the online data handling sector, with many clients from all parts of the world. In the news released on August 11th, 2021, on, the company invited Niral Patel to become the Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. Formally, he was the Managing Director of Oracle, representing the South Africa region. He has served in other executive posts in companies like IBM, Hitachi, and Microsoft. His experience and skills contribute to what Google Cloud needed to continue serving its clients diligently. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, he is best suited to take up the new role.

Responsibilities and assignments for the new executive leader

Tasked to the online market at Google Cloud, the new Regional Director is responsible for fueling growth. He will be in charge of enriching the relationship between customers and the company’s partners. His role is fundamental in developing the brand’s name across the region, attracting more clients.

Why Google Cloud needed the services of Niral Patel

The number of individual clients and digital companies seeking services from Google Cloud has increased significantly, prompting the appointment of Niral Patel. The new clients desire to transform their online businesses, and Google Cloud is their best option. The management team expressed their gratitude to receive Patel on board, as he holds the keys to accelerate growth in the next phase.

Google Cloud ranks third among the leading and most advanced cloud computing companies globally. Recently, it launched Digicloud, the newest brand in the market to serve the African region and meet the constantly rising demand. Cloud technology has become an integral part of the modern business model as companies strive to make a difference in service delivery.

Google cloud decided to extend its services to underserved regions, which show significant potential in economic growth. Other market giants such as Amazon and Microsoft have also embraced the new model, providing cloud services in such areas. The future of cloud computing is brighter as many businesses continue to switch their operations and accommodate the technology in handling their data.

A closer look at Google Cloud

Google Cloud is an ever-transforming force influencing the world of business impressively. It provides total security to client’s data and safeguards customers from online attacks. With reliable services ranging from data encryption to storage and networking, companies can work confidently without the intimidation of spam and other online threats. It enriches communication through video calls, emails, and other applications, enhancing how departments operate.