Trey Parker and Matt Stone Continue To Obtain More Deals

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Continue To Obtain More Deals

September 24, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

With their franchise, Parker and Stone made almost all appropriate decisions. These individuals have been able to stay on air with their show, South Park for many years now. It is surprising as they keep on moving forward with the show and retaining a large portion of their audience.

It is no wonder why. They use their imaginations and continue to come up with fantastic shows that keep audiences delighted and excited. More audiences keep on coming back for their shows and their various movies as well.

As such, they are capturing the views of the studios and the larger companies like WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS.

Their Agreements with Two Content Houses

The 2007 contract with Comedy Central between Trey Parker and Matt Stone contributed to establishing a foundation for lucrative pacts with WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS. Since media firms prioritized their streaming services, digital rights were not the topic in business at that time. The two signed a 50-50 ad-sharing arrangement on all Comedy Central digital income. This has led to profitable dealings with Shonda Rhimes, Greg Berlanti, and Ryan Murphy.

But they have seen much more success.

HBO MAX Invested in South Park

HBO Max paid $550 million as South Park’s entire 23-season-plus library’s entire home streaming hub. Comedy Central authorized hulu to license SouthPark for $87.5 million and $110 million in back-to-back dealings. Now, here is how Viacom is involved in the South Park dealings.

There is a significant need for CBS to increase its streaming service, Paramount, and so it is looking at ways to add value to audiences.

In recent years, the importance of the library in South Park has only gone up. As part of an all-cash contract renewal with Parker and Stone, the Viacom-owned streamer is getting 14 made-to-stream movies. The next generation CBS All Access, renamed earlier this year, will access the Next Generation.

Regular Value for South Park

Sources report that ViacomCBS has finalized a 29th season agreement to renew South Park. Authorities say the $935 million, which includes upfront payments for features, bonuses, and renewals for the six-year deal. According to sources, the business was in negotiations about purchasing a $1 billion transaction from Parker’s and Stone’s Park County Companies.

Parker and Stone have made the first financial payment which will hold them up until 2027 with ViacomCBS. It is safe to say that Parker and Stone will not go hungry any time soon.