Trump Sues His Niece for $100 Million

Trump Sues His Niece for $100 Million

September 30, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Former US President, Donald Trump, has again featured in the news after filing a $100million suit against his niece. According to Trump, his niece and New York Times collaborated to illegally get his tax returns and writing a false story on his undisclosed revenue. Mary Trump, the daughter of Trump’s younger brother, Fred Jr, is accused of working together with three reporters Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russell Buettner. According to the lawsuit, the four worked extensively to obtain confidential information, and then they published an article that tarnished Trump’s name.

Barstow, Craig, and Buettner, the three journalists, got a Pulitzer Prize for their explanatory series that drew attention to Trump’s financial activities. On the other hand, Mary released the information in her 2020 bestselling book “Too Much and Never Enough.” In her book, she explained the toxicity of her family and how they ended up bringing up a dangerous man, Donald Trump. She names her uncle as the world’s most dangerous man. Trump is said to be like a man throwing things at the wall out of desperation. Mary believes that her uncle has walls closing in on him due to his errors, and since he never admits to them, he always tries to change the topic.

The Times plans to challenge the lawsuit. By the word of their spokesman, Danielle Rhoades, the paper will not back down because the article was an eye-opener for the public. This matter touches on the freedom of the press and the Times are ready to defend their actions. It was at the New York State Court that the lawsuit was filed. In this same court, Trump’s late brother, Robert Trump, filed a case to stop the book’s publication but was unsuccessful.

The suit claims that the reporters persistently convinced Mary to get the documents from her prior attorney, Farrell Fritz. She has gone to the office, smuggled out the records, and gave them to the reporters. It further says that the documents were obtained from the Estate Action ongoing litigation proceedings. A significant reason for suing Mary is the fact that she had signed a confidentiality agreement. The agreement prevented her from releasing the family’s financial details to the public. This was per the terms of settlement of the estate of Fred Trump Sr. The four accused are claimed not to be driven by public service. On the contrary, they are claimed to be led by the desire for fame, financial gain, and even more, their political agenda.