Rudy Giuliani Legal Aroma Continues To Float To The Surface In Woodward And Costas New Book

Rudy Giuliani Legal Aroma Continues To Float To The Surface In Woodward And Costas New Book

October 1, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Rudy Giuliani likes to dip his legal mind in the pond of conspiracy theories. Even after most Trump supporters fell off the election fraud bandwagon last December, Rudy continued to battle for Trump justice in the courts. His performances in court are book-worthy. Most press reports about Rudy’s behavior during his final quest to get himself barred from practicing law in New York and Washington, D.C. did not sound like the old Rudy. He was not Rudy, who became the mayor of New York twenty years ago.

When Rudy decided to join Trump’s inner circle, his life changed. All the business deals he had in the works with foreign legal clients came out on internet news. Rudy’s attempt to find dirt on Hunter Biden in order to discredit Joe Biden was a monumental failure, according to several news reports. But it laid the groundwork for Mr. Trump’s first impeachment. Rudy tried to play a role in defending Mr. Trump in front of Congress. But that did not happen. After the impeachment, Mr. Giuliani continued to throw his support behind the election fraud claim. Plus, he claimed he found proof that would smear Biden’s nose in the political dirt.

Rudy thought he made a deal with the former president that would give him enough resources to live like the well-respected former GOP candidate for president. But when Rudy’s secretary delivered the $20,000-a-day legal fee invoice, Mr. Trump cut him off. So, Mr. Giuliani started leaving voice messages for people who wanted his voice as their message. He charged $199 a message when he first started. But according to several reports, he charges $400 a message now.

Mr. Giuliani faces several high-profile lawsuits: His team of lawyers is at work trying to build cases that prevent Rudy from facing orange jumpsuit time. Rudy told the press, in his typical WTF did he say tone, he believes the truth will surface at some point.

Giuliani is not the only Trump lawyer to face heavy-duty lawsuits. Sidney Powell is in almost the same sinking legal boat as the former New York City prosecutor.

Mr. Trump wanted to name Ms. Powell as his voter fraud special counsel, even though the former president was not in a position to make that happen. When Rudy got the news of Powell’s possible promotion, he flipped out, according to the Bob Woodward and Robert Costa book Peril. Giuliani stopped Trump from giving the upper hand to Sidney when he tongue-lashed Powell into submission.