Jane Goodall Continues to Fight for Earth

Jane Goodall Continues to Fight for Earth

October 12, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Despite the pandemic, Jane Goodall is still actively fighting for the planet. Even though she has not been able to hold live events, she is still using the power of technology to help educate people about climate change. Goodall does more than talk about the issues. Jane strongly urges people, governments, and corporations to take action. She uses motivation and facts to move everyday people and leaders.

Some examples that she speaks of are reforestation projects that have saved whole communities, and she highlights rescue groups that preserve and protect wild animals. Goodall is famous for her work in the 60s with wild chimpanzees. She focuses on the good work that is being done by a lot of organizations, but at the same time, she does not ignore the harm that is also being inflicted on the earth.

Goodall looks to the young people as a valuable resource to improving life on earth. Kids are getting educated on subjects that schools did not teach to older people. Today, teachers fill classrooms with posters about recycling, animal welfare, and space. All of the topics are being embraced by the children, and they will take these causes into their adult lives. Hopefully, they will continue to promote and focus on them.

Jane Goodall is a powerful speaker that motivates people to change. A combination of her past work and current knowledge makes her a leader in this field. She is a steward of the earth, and her latest project continues to spotlight areas that need improvement.

Trees for Jane is a website that lets citizens know where their help is needed. It is geared to attract fishermen and all outdoor enthusiasts. She makes it welcoming and informal, but it still carries a message.

On the front page, there are portals to learn about reforestation, preservation, and planting trees. Often it is the most straightforward acts that have the most profound effects. Planting trees can be a solo act, or social groups can turn it into a community event.

To make it enjoyable, through Trees for Jane a person can register their tree. After registering, Jane will send you a certificate to acknowledge your efforts, and the site also accepts donations. The tree count is steadily growing, and it is exciting to see them pop up on the site’s Google map. Other projects that you can donate to through Trees for Jane support indigenous people.