Verily Is Working Hard to Ensure That Its Operations and Services Are Independent of the Sister Company Google

Verily Is Working Hard to Ensure That Its Operations and Services Are Independent of the Sister Company Google

October 14, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

There have been developments recently from the Alphabet Holding Group Life Sciences Unit on its intention to allow its umbrella companies to offer separate and independent of the parent company. One of the companies that has taken up the idea with much enthusiasm is Verily, a company that provides molecular and genetics services hosted by google. The company is working quite hard to ensure that its operations and services are independent of the sister company Google.

Google provides all the technological and software infrastructure that all the other companies under the Alphabet Holding group use in their daily operations. Verily is working on a secret project dubbed Flywheel that aims to provide the life Sciences company with much-needed independence, particularly in technology. As the project gets known, Flywheel gets powered by Google, and the company promises to continue supporting Verily when it comes to technology and infrastructure.

Despite the hard work from the Verily side to remain independent when it comes to its operations, all its core business processes are hosted by google powered platform known as Baseline. Baseline is a technological infrastructure that hosts all the molecular and genetics data generated by the Life Sciences company, Verily. Detaching from this critical infrastructure requires much care and critical thinking not to mess things up.

As the process of separation between Alphabet Holding company and Verily that got incubated several years ago in the Google X research group comes at a time when the business operations at Verily are looking up to mature. At this particular moment, verily requires much support from Alphabet Holding Group regarding business infrastructure development. In this endeavour, Alphabet Holding group will continue to support Verily despite its quest for separation.

The project dubbed Flywheel, as alluded to by two senior employees at Verily, is the ultimate goal to see the separation and independence from the technology base from Google materialize. Previously, Verily has been using the internal cloud infrastructure provided by Google to support most of its business operations. This massive dependence seems to hinder growth and the objective of Verily as it has to operate under the shadows of its sister technological company Google. Therefore, the Flywheel project is coming at such a right moment when Verily wants to go public and open up its doors to other companies and businesses who can make use of their solutions meaningfully. Google promises to support Verily in strengthening Flywheel, and any bother technological advancement they might require as they progress in the industry.