How Joe Biden Administration Plans to Transform the Healthcare Industry in Rural Areas

How Joe Biden Administration Plans to Transform the Healthcare Industry in Rural Areas

October 15, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

The current pandemic has brought numerous challenges to healthcare professionals, especially in rural America, where many are the oldest and sickest people. That is why the Biden administration has decided to set aside more money in telemedicine to ensure that those in rural areas have access to quality healthcare services. The department of health and human services has set aside $ 20 million for the program.

However, the money might not be enough to address all the challenges the people in those areas face. However, it will help to improve the infrastructure in those areas. The relevant department plans to spend some of the money to bring primary, acute, and behavioral health care to more than ten states across the country. Part of it will update technology in rural healthcare clinics and offer training to healthcare providers and the community. That will enable doctors to understand how to conduct telehealth appointments.

Patients will also understand how to conduct virtual appointments instead of visiting healthcare clinics. The government plans to use part of the money to train primary care providers to handle complicated conditions in rural areas. According to the department administrator in charge of the revenue distribution, the money from the Biden administration will significantly transform the healthcare sector.

The administrator noted that people living in rural areas are at a higher risk of dying from different medical conditions than those living in urban areas. That includes those suffering from a covid-19 virus because they need specialized care to save their lives.

Apart from the $20 million, the Biden administration also provided billions of dollars last month to help different hospitals offer healthcare services to covid-19 patients. The money helped make up for the lost revenue, food, medical supplies, and vaccines for people in rural areas. Nevertheless, most importantly, the funding has helped introduce telehealth, which has helped stabilize rural covid-19 patients before being transferred to well-equipped hospitals.

The University of Mississippi, which will receive some of the money set aside by the bidden administration, plans to use it to ensure that critically ill patients get better medical services. For example, the hospital administration intends to use a video system to connect critically ill patients in rural hospital I.C.U beds with professional doctors and nurses from different areas. That will make it easier for patients to get professional healthcare services without traveling long distances. Besides, some patients in rural areas all get access to expertise that they wouldn’t have.