3 Things You Should Know About Mark Zuckerberg

3 Things You Should Know About Mark Zuckerberg

October 26, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

Mark Zuckerberg is amongst the youngest billionaire in the world. He is also a philanthropist, has received numerous honors and awards, and has been on Time’s list of most influential people every year since 2010. It seems like he can do no wrong! Yet, there are some things that you may not know about him. We’ve compiled three facts to make sure your knowledge of this fantastic entrepreneur is up-to-date.

1) He is a very private person

Zuckerberg has managed to keep his personal life and family separate from the business aspect of Facebook. He doesn’t have any social media profiles, making it difficult for people to find out things about him. There are no photos of his girlfriend on public display, nor do we know her name or age (although some sites have reported that she is Priscilla Chan, age 28).

He has made very few public appearances with his girlfriend. Most of the images that are seen on social media show him alone or with other business partners. He does not allow personal photos to be taken at Facebook headquarters, and he guards his children’s privacy so fiercely that there are no photos of them on the internet.

2) He is a devoted father

Zuckerberg always has his daughter Max with him in the very few public appearances that he does make. In one photo from 2013, it looks as though young Max was trying to grab her dad’s attention away from Mark Cuban. He also wrote an emotional post after his wife had given birth to their second child in August 2015, showing his love for his children.

In spite of the fact that he is one of the wealthiest men in America, Zuckerberg has continued to live on a modest salary at Facebook HQ and commutes every day from a townhome in Palo Alto where he lives with Chan and their two daughters. He does not own any vacation homes or fancy cars and has been quoted as saying that he would not be comfortable being the richest man in the world.

3) He has a charitable side

Zuckerberg and Chan have been working to improve the lives of others around them. In 2010, they donated $100 million to help fix public schools in Newark, New Jersey. They also started an organization called Startup: Education focused on improving education for everyone from kindergarten through high school graduation. There are no indications of where their future charitable efforts will be focused, but we can be sure that they will continue to do good things for people and the planet.