After the Abortion Ban, Apple Will Cater to Cater to the Travel Expenses of the Employees

After the Abortion Ban, Apple Will Cater to Cater to the Travel Expenses of the Employees

December 2, 2021 0 By Stephen Callahan

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, talked about the medical insurance by the firm catering to the out-of-state expenses of the employees.

Apple is making the necessary steps to ensure the employees are satisfied with working in the company by introducing such incentives. Tim Cook talked about how the company will support the employees based in Texas since they may be affected by the new abortion bill in the state.

During a staff meeting that involved all the 160,000 Apple employees around the globe, Tim Cook talked about how the medical insurance by the firm would help cover the costs that workers incur as they travel from one state to another, considering Texas has abortion access restrictions. A recording was also obtained by The New York Times about the meeting that was only for the Apple employees.

The bill in Texas has been implemented since early September. After a heartbeat has been detected, you won’t be allowed to abort. A heartbeat can be detected at about six weeks from when the child was conceived. If an insurance professional or a medical practitioner is sued, there will be a legal fee of $10,000 for aiding in abortion once a heartbeat has been detected.

Tim Cook went ahead to state that Apple was interested in assisting with the legal battle regarding the abortion bill. The Biden administration has already sued the state of Texas for banning abortion. A federal hearing has already taken place, and it aims at blocking the abortion ban temporarily.

Apple is among the major tech firms that have expressed an interest in Texas politics when it comes to reproductive rights. Other firms that have also expressed an interest in such matters include Match Group and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Firms such as Salesforce have also gone a step ahead to pay employees to relocate together with their families to another state.

If a driver from Lyft or Uber assists someone in accessing abortion services, the firms will cater to the legal fees. GoDaddy has also gone ahead to cut off its domain hosting services to the whistleblower websites in Texas.


Abortion is legal throughout the U.S. However, it seems some people are against the legalization of abortion, and they have taken a step further to bypass the law. The Biden administration is on the case, and they may end up winning the legal battle, and the “heartbeat” bill will be absconded eventually.