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Today we’re living in the modern world or you can say in Digital era. Where everything is possible just round up your finger with the help of apps, tools, websites, and smart digital devices. Instant messenger Whatsapp is also the part of these smart apps. It’s widely used for various purposes such as video calling, voice calling, audio message, video message, text message, and lots more. That means it’s time to progress beyond the basics and learn Whatsapp tips and tricks to turn yourself into a bona fide WhatsApp pro.

Whatsapp tips is a most searching term on the internet. If you’ve been looking to get a hold on all WhatsApp tricks, you are at the right place. Because the popular instant messenger is very easy to use but it has some hidden features and tweaks that we tend to miss out on.

Moreover, WhatsApp keeps on adding features discreetly, so it’s important for us to be up to date with them. So let’s go and find out about all these awesome tricks?

What is WhatsApp and how does it work?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that Facebook acquired in 2014. It’s recently taken the crown for the world’s most popular messaging app after hitting one billion active users (In Feb. 2016), handling a whopping 42 billion messages a day and 250 million videos.

You’d typically use the app to send things like text messages, images, video, audio messages – or even to place a Wi-Fi call to a friend.

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Exciting Factors about Whatsapp:

Before entering the WhatsApp tips & tricks section, we would like to introduce you some exciting factors about WhatsApp as:

  • The first thing you need to know is that WhatsApp has no adverts and it is now entirely free after a recent scrap of the $1 yearly subscription charge.
  • WhatsApp has become the most used application for all mobile users. it’s available for every mobile operating system like android, iPhone, blackberry mobile phones, and all another platform.
  • The application all needs having a Smartphone and the internet and you can send unlimited messages to anyone worldwide. The message could be in the form of text, audio, video, images etc.
  • Once installed the app, you’ll be asked to enter your mobile number. WhatsApp needs your actual number because it routes files and messages between you and your contacts similar to how an SMS system would.

Here’s the complete list of WhatsApp tips and tricks

  1. Turn Off Read Receipts or Blue Ticks
  2. Change WhatsApp Wallpaper
  3. Hide Last Seen, Profile Picture, and Status
  4. Check When a Message was delivered & Read
  5. Set custom Notification Tones
  6. Manage Auto Downloading of Media to save data
  7. Lock WhatsApp
  8. Delete your WhatsApp Account
  9. Set up Popup Notifications and Reply Directly from Android home-screen
  10. Change your Whatsapp Number
  11. Hide Notification Preview of Messages
  12.  Star the messages
  13. Start a New Chat using 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and above version)
  14. Take backup of Chats on Local Storage or Google Drive/iCloud
  15. Create conversation Shortcuts (chat contact on home screen)
  16. Mute Groups and individual Notifications
  17. Block an irritating Contact
  18. Send Messages in Bulk Privately (Broadcast the message)
  19. Read a Message without Appear Online
  20. Use WhatsApp Web (on the browser)
  21. Use Less Data on WhatsApp Call
  22. Archive chats to disappear from chat threads
  23. Email an important conversation to safe for future
  24. Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery
  25. Use WhatsApp on PC Without having a Smartphone
  26. How to check if WhatsApp is Connected or Not (For Android)?
  27. Schedule Messages on WhatsApp
  28. Search important text
  29. Get Desktop Notifications
  30. Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Android Device
  31. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android
  32. Move Your WhatsApp Conversations from One Android Phone to Another
  33. Throw in some bold and italics to get your point across
  34. Change WhatsApp language and font


WhatsApp has removed its subscription plans and now the service is completely free.

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks – advanced and basic 2017

As we all know that the popularity of WhatsApp has grown tremendously that many WhatsApp tips and tricks are coming on the internet. So let’s start:

  1. Turn Off Read Receipts or Blue Ticks

    Read receipts aka blue ticks may be the cause of some relationship issues. Because sometimes you don’t want to reply everyone or every message you received. Well, WhatsApp understands this situation and provided an option to turn it off entirely.

    • To do this Open your Whatsapp
    • Tap on Menu as three dots
    • Head over to  Settings->Account->Privacy.
    • In the Privacy page, you will find a toggle to turn off “Read Receipts“.

    Note: If you turn off read receipts, you too will not be able to view anyone else’s read receipts. Whatsapp tips and tricks 3Whatsapp tips and tricks 2

    Whatsapp tips and tricks

  2. Change WhatsApp Wallpaper

    Are you feeling a little monotonous by using default wallpaper since a long time? that’s why there’s an option to set the custom wallpaper . To do this:

    • Go to Settings->Chats and calls->Wallpaper.
    • Here You can choose to have a custom wallpaper from your Gallery or choose one from WhatsApp’s library.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 4Whatsapp tips and tricks 5

  3. Hide Last Seen, Profile Picture, and Status

    Most of the users want to hide their “last seen” and “Profile picture” to protect their privacy and stay away from some problems in life. For this WhatsApp has included the feature to hide it altogether. You can hide your last seen, profile picture and status from people. Just Go Along with steps below:

    • Open your Whatsapp
    • Tap on Menu
    • Then go to Settings->Account->Privacy.
    • There you will have the options to choose whether you want your last seen, profile picture and status to be seen by“Everyone”, “Contacts” or “Nobody”.
    • Select your desired option and hit Save.

    Note: If you hide your last seen, you won’t be able to see others’ last seen as well.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 6

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 7

  4.  Check When a Message was delivered & Read 

    WhatsApp allows you to check when a message sent by you was read first in a group or individual one. It’s pretty simple process, all you need to do is:

    • press hold on a message
    • tap “Info“ icon (circle shape).
    • Once you do that, you will be able to see the time when your message was delivered and read.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 8

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 9

  5. Set custom Notification Tones

    You can set custom notification tones for both messages and calls on WhatsApp.  To do it:

    • Go to a contact’s info on WhatsApp
    • select “Custom notifications”.
    • You can then choose a different ringtone & message tone for that contact (individually).
    • Similarly, you can set custom notification tone for all your contact by going to settings then notification. See screenshot:

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 10Whatsapp tips and tricks 11On Android, you can even set a custom vibration duration and notification light.

  6. Manage Auto Downloading of Media to save data

    When you’re suffering from low mobile data problem, then manually tapping  download is a convenient feature rather than auto downloading every time a picture or video arrives. Because many times you don’t want to download audio and video message shared in the Group. Thus, there are options to set that accordingly.

    For Android users-

    You will find the option go into

    • Settings->Chats and calls->Media auto-download.
    • You can then select option whether you want to auto download images, audio and videos on mobile data, WiFi and roaming or manually tap.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 12Whatsapp tips and tricks 13

    For  iPhone users-

    There’s only an option to either turn ON or OFF automatically “Save Incoming Media“.

  7.  Lock WhatsApp

    If  a lot of peoples use your phone like your kids use it to play games or your family member uses it to find a contact.

    To avoid this situation there is a way to lock WhatsApp and keep contents private. All you need to install a third-party app. If you’re on Android you could try AppLock, iOS users can turn to iAppLock.

  8. Delete your WhatsApp Account

    If your number is spread over the more people and want to take a break from all networks, peoples, and chats. Then it’s when you would want to delete your WhatsApp account.

    To delete your WhatsApp account:

    • Click on Settings->Account->Delete my account.
    • Enter your country code & mobile number to verify and your account will be deleted.Whatsapp tips and tricks 14Whatsapp tips and tricks 15

    Remember that deleting your WhatsApp account will be removing you from all groups and erase your message history and backups.

  9. Set up Popup Notifications and Reply Directly from Android home-screen

    WhatsApp lets you get popup notifications on Android. You can turn it on by going to

    • To do this Open your Whatsapp 
    • Then go to Settings->Notifications->Popup notification.

    You can set it to show popup when the screen is off or on, or you can set it to “always show popup”. The popup notification also allows you reply directly from the popup box, which makes chatting with more people at a time with easy way.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 16Whatsapp tips and tricks 17

  10. Change your Whatsapp Number

    If you take a new number because you lost your old phone and continue WhatsApp account as old one, then you can simply change your phone number on WhatsApp without losing any of your chat or data. For this:

    • Go to Settings->Account->Change number,
    • Now enter your old and new number.
    • Once WhatsApp is done verifying process through SMS or call, your number will be changed successfully.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 18Whatsapp tips and tricks 19Whatsapp tips and tricks 20

  11. Hide Notification Preview of Messages

    It’s really the very embarrassing moment when your friend or family member read your personal messages. With both Android and iOS supporting lock screen notifications, it’s an even bigger problem.

    Well, the good news is WhatsApp on iPhone lets you hide notification preview of messages directly from App. To hide notification preview of messages on iPhone:

    • Go to Settings->Notifications
    • And turn off “Show Preview“.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 34

    Android users can disable notifications preview of messages by going to:

    • Go to Android phone Settings->Apps->WhatsApp->Notifications
    • Then select “uncheck show notification”.Whatsapp tips and tricks 21

    Note: This will result in no notifications entirely from WhatsApp.

  12. Star the messages

    Starring messages let you save various special conversations to relive it later. When you star messages, it saves those messages in a Starred Messages folder. You can easily star messages as:

    • Press holding on a message that you want to save in the starred folder
    • Then pressing the star icon.

    You can find the Starred Messages option in WhatsApp menu. (see screenshot).
    Whatsapp tips and tricks 22

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 23

  13. Start a New Chat using 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and above version)

    Thanks to iPhone 6s’ and all latest version 3D Touch feature, you can start a new chat or search through chats directly from WhatsApp’s icon on the home screen. You just need to force touch on the WhatsApp icon and you will get the options of “New Chat” and “Search

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 24

  14. Take backup of Chats on Local Storage or Google Drive/iCloud

    WhatsApp has had the ability to backup chats on your device’s local storage but it was a Lil bit tricky. But recently it rolled out a new feature, which allows you backup your chats on Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iPhone). To backup your chats:

    • Go to Settings->Chats and calls->Chat backup
    • And tap “Backup”.

    The page also shows you your last backup with size.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 25Whatsapp tips and tricks 26

  15. Create conversation Shortcuts (chat contact on home screen)

    Are you constantly using WhatsApp to message the same two or three favorite people? If so, then you can streamline your experience by adding a conversation shortcut to your device’s home screen? Here’s how:

    • Just open the app,
    • click the Chats tab,
    • long press on the conversation you want to create a shortcut for,
    • And select Add Chat Shortcut from the popup menu.
    • OR you can create a shortcut of contact by going directly to contact conversation screen, just tap menu (3 dots)->more->create a shortcut. That’s it.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 37

  16.  Mute Groups and individual Notifications

    If you’re browsing any important topic on the web and don’t want to anybody disturbing you or may be not interested in group chats, there’s a option to mute a group and you can also stop getting notifications.

    To mute a group or any individual contact on Android :

    • Go to group or contact info on WhatsApp
    • And turn on mute option.

    You can turn on mute for 8 hours, a week or even a year. On Android, you also get an option to turn off “show notifications” while muting a group or contact. However, on an iPhone, you can only mute a group chat.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 29


  17. Block an irritating Contact

    WhatsApp is a nice app that brings people closer but some peoples are really annoying. And you feel like removing them from your WhatsApp account. Luckily, there is an option to block contacts on WhatsApp.

    For Android users

    • Go to particular conversation (Whom you want to block)
    • Tap the three dot button in the top right.
    • Then, select More->”Block”.Whatsapp tips and tricks 31Whatsapp tips and tricks 32

    For iPhone users

    • Go to the chat thread of the person you want to block
    • Then go to Contact Info by tapping on the name/number of the person.
    • Then, scroll below and tap “Block this Contact”.
  18. Send Messages in Bulk Privately (Broadcast the message)

    On various occasions or festivals, it’s a great hassle to go on wishing people individually. Here WhatsApp’s broadcast feature is more useful. WhatsApp’s broadcast feature allows you send messages in bulk privately without the recipients knowing that it has been sent through the broadcast.

    On Android,

    • just tap the menu (three dot button)
    • Then choose “New broadcast” from list appeared to create one.
    • Then select contacts and tap on Green check.

     Whatsapp tips and tricks 35


    Whatsapp tips and tricks 33 On iPhone,

    you will see a button for “Broadcast Lists” on WhatsApp’s home page, enter that and tap “New List” to create a new broadcast.

  19. Read a Message without Appear Online

    If you want to see a certain message without appear online. There’s a very easy way for that. After the message has arrived, simply turn off mobile data or turn off wifi connection on your device and then, open WhatsApp and see the message.

    Once you are done, come back to the home screen and turn on your mobile data or WiFi.

  20.  Use WhatsApp Web (browser)

    WhatsApp Web allows you to do chat, send images, video, audio, and all things direct from the web that you could do from your phone.

    • To use it, go to
    • Tap WhatsApp web on your phone by going to setting->whatsapp the web
    • And scan the QR code from your PC.
    • Once you’re done, you will see your WhatsApp chats in your browser tab.

    Moreover, WhatsApp Web also brings you notifications although that’s only when WhatsApp Web is open in a tab.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 36

  21. Use Less Data on WhatsApp Call

    WhatsApp call is an extremely powerful and exciting feature but it does take up a lot of bandwidths. To get rid of this problem WhatsApp included a low data usage mode recently.

    On Android

    To turn on low data usage on WhatsApp calls by going into

    • Settings->Chats and calls->Low data usage.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 38Whatsapp tips and tricks 39

    However, you will find the same option on an iPhone in Settings->Data Usage.

  22.  Archive chats to disappear from conversation screen

    If but you don’t want to keep a chat thread in chat section but don’t want to delete it, Then, you can put it to archives.

    On Android smartphones,

    • Press hold on a chat
    • you will get the option to “Archive chat” in the top bar (Arrow on folder icon)
    • Tap Archive icon.Whatsapp tips and tricks 40Whatsapp tips and tricks 41Whatsapp tips and tricks 55

    on iPhone, swipe left on a chat to get the “Archive” option.

  23. Email an important conversation to safe for future

    If you want to keep a special or any business chat safe, mail it to your inbox, WhatsApp allows you do that easily. On Android phones

    • Press hold on a chat
    • Then you will get an option to “Email chat” from the list appeared
    • Or simply open the conversion screen tap menu (3 dots)->more->email chat.Whatsapp tips and tricks 43Whatsapp tips and tricks 44

    on an iPhone,

    you will have the “Email chat” option in “More” when you swipe left on a chat. You can also send the media on WhatsApp as email attachments.

  24. Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

    Many times we don’t really want to keep the images we get on WhatsApp include a lot of memes & funny pictures in our phone gallery. There’s a tweak which allows you to do this:

    On an iPhone:

    • you need to go to Phone Settings->Privacy->Photos
    • Then turn off WhatsApp.

    That’s it, you will no longer see any WhatsApp pictures in your iPhone’s Photos app.

    However, hiding WhatsApp pictures from Gallery in Android is a slightly tricky process. Here’s how:

    • Open the File Manager app you have installed.I’m using ES File manager. In the file manager, Go to the WhatsApp folder and then Media.
    • Then, rename the WhatsApp folders as
    •  “WhatsApp Images” to “.WhatsApp Images
    •  “WhatsApp Video” to “.WhatsApp Video

    This will hide the WhatsApp images and videos from your Android smartphone’s gallery.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 45Whatsapp tips and tricks 46

  25. Use WhatsApp on PC Without having a Smartphone

    Do you want to Use WhatsApp on PC with a different number? If yes then all You need an Android emulator app like Bluestacks that contains Android-like UI and you can run all android app with ease on PC.

    After you’ve installed the emulator, you can complete set up like you would do on an Android device and then, you can install WhatsApp as well. And verifies your number by entering the code from your phone. That’s all.

  26. How to check if WhatsApp is Connected or Not (Android only)?

    Sometimes you might have issues with WhatsApp notifications when you are in roaming or a place with the poor network. To make sure if WhatsApp on your phone is connected properly or not, you can check the System Status.

    To check if WhatsApp is online or not, follow steps

    • Go to WhatsApp Settings->Help->System Status
    • Here you will see information – the service is operating normally or not.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 47Whatsapp tips and tricks 48

  27. Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

    There is not a built-in option to schedule messages on WhatsApp, but you can use Scheduler for WhatsApp to do so if you’re on Android. Go along with following steps:

    • Download the app from the Play Store
    • Then go to your phone’s Settings > Accessibility
    • And turn on WhatsApp Scheduler under Services.
    • Then after open Scheduler for WhatsApptap + floating button, then make your selections.
    • Type your message and finally click CREATE to schedule the message.
  28.  Search important text

    How many times have you found yourself frantically scrolling back through old messages to try and find an important phone number, email address, and about any meeting?

    Save your time and your thumbs by using WhatsApp’s built-in search feature. Here’s how:

    • Just open the conversation under which you want to search,
    • then tap on Options > Search
    • And enter the phrase you’re looking for.Whatsapp tips and tricks 49

    Sadly, on an iPhone, you cannot search individual chats. You’ll need to open your Chats tab and swipe down to reveal your search box.

  29. Get Desktop Notifications

    WhatsApp Web brings you notifications but for it to work, you have to keep a tab with WhatsApp Web running alongside. To get desktop notifications separately, you can use a Chrome extension dubbed “WAToolkit. Once added, you only need to start WhatsApp Web once and then, the Chrome extension will bring you WhatsApp notifications even when Chrome is closed. When the notification is clicked, it will take you to WhatsApp Web.

    You can also use apps like Pushbullet or its alternatives to using WhatsApp right on your PC.

  30. Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Android Device

    WhatsApp allows users to have only one account on a device. Well, the good news is that there’s an Android’s parallel space app workaround. Here’s a complete guide.

    How to run the dual WhatsApp account or Multiple apps on one Android?

    That’s it, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts with ease.

  31. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

    If you’ve deleted your WhatsApp conversations but need it later, you can easily recover it because of WhatsApp backups your chats every day at 2 AM. Let’s see how would you recover your deleted WhatsApp messages:

    • Go to android phone setting >>App>>Whatsapp
    • Then clear all data.
    • Now open WhatsApp and Register again with the same number as previous.
    • Here You will see a message a backup has been found.
    • Tap “Restore” to start the restoring process.
    • Once completed, you will get all your messages back again.Whatsapp tips and tricks 27Whatsapp tips and tricks 28

    If you want to restore messages from an older backup, here’s  how:

    • Open the file manager
    • Go to folder WhatsApp then Databases.
    • Select the database you want to restore and rename it from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 to msgstore.db.crypt8.Whatsapp tips and tricks 51Whatsapp tips and tricks 52

    This will replace the most recent database with your preferred database, so when you start restoring messages, your older messages will be recovered.

  32. Move Your WhatsApp Conversations from One Android Phone to Another

    Do you get a new phone and want all your WhatsApp conversation as it is on the new phone? With the new Google Drive integration, things have become a lot easier. See what you need to do:

    On your older Android device

    • Go to WhatsApp Settings->Chat and calls->Chat backup and create a backup on Google Drive.Whatsapp tips and tricks 25Whatsapp tips and tricks 50

    Now on your new phone

    • Install WhatsApp.
    • open it, register with the same number as your older one.
    • It will prompt you about the Google Drive backup.
    • Then, choose the Google account you want to save the found backup in. All done!
  33.  Throw in some bold and italics to get your point across

    WhatsApp is a great tool for most things. And there’s a hidden little feature to help  to add bold, italics, and even ∼strikethrough∼.

    How? Well, sadly it’s not as easy as simply clicking the corresponding button. Instead, every time you want to put a bit of emphasis on a certain word, you’ll have to put the desired command shortcut around the words you want to stand out.

    • To bold up, you need to but an asterisk on either side of the word, like *this*,
    • While italics need an underscore on either side of a _word_,
    • And strikethrough a tildes (those squiggly hyphens), just like ~this~. You can even combine commands for *_bolditalics_* attention grabbing.
  34. Change WhatsApp language and font size

    WhatsApp lets you change App language and Font size. Just follow the steps below:

    • Go to setting>>chats
    • Here you’ll see App language option, select language you desired.
    • Below you’ll find the Font size option, set as you want.

    Whatsapp tips and tricks 54Whatsapp tips and tricks 53

  35. Other Cool Features

Whatsapp voice calling feature and its alternatives

A guide to using a Whatsapp video calling feature?

Step by step guide to send Gifs and mention someone on Whatsapp

Last Words:

Are you ready to try these Great WhatsApp tips & Tricks? These WhatsApp features surely make the messaging experience better. So, try out these tricks and let us know how they worked out. Also, we want to know your favorite WhatsApp trick in the comments section below . And don’t forget to share this article with your social network.

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