Best slow motion video apps for android device (Top 8)

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Best slow motion video apps

Hello everyone, I’m pretty sure you would have already seen slow motion scenes on tv shows and movies. These scenes are created by using special shooting cameras. But do you know you can also create slow motion videos yourself by using your Android device without having the inbuilt option? Because not all smartphones will have this feature, usually you will find this option in high-end android devices. But Today I’m going to show best slow motion video apps through which you can do it easily.

Best Slow motion video apps you can try

Here I’ve listed some application to shoot slow motion, video clips without having a camera or an inbuilt option on your android for free same as like in Apple’s iPhone. Let’s see:

  1. Slow Motion Video FX

    This is the highest rated slow motion video recording app available on play store. You can record your voice and make it slow or fast (Whatever you want).

    Features :

    1. Select an already recorded video from your gallery or currently recorded clip and decreased its speed almost half of its original or can be made 5x faster. 

    2. It’s very simple to use free app supported by ads. But the ads are not much annoying and there is no watermark on the created video.

    3. If you really hate ads or want to donate you can upgrade to Pro version.

    4. It has an option to upload the designed video on YouTube or Instagram.
    Best slow motion video apps video fx


    Download From Google Play store

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  2. Reaction Slow Motion Pro

    This is a powerful app to create exciting slow motion videos instantly from your android without loss in the quality of video or motion blurs. It has a simple interface and flexible to use.


    1. It lets you add slow motion to a smaller part of the already recorded video. You can select a random video from your gallery and then select a bit section of the video to make a slow or fast motion, while you can leave the rest at normal speed.

    2. It has the sharing option to directly post to social networks such as Instagram & Vine, also video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo & Daily Motion.Best slow motion video apps reaction slow pro

    Download from Google Play Store

  3. SloPro

    Another app in this list of best slow motion video apps is SloPro. It used to shoot, edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the irritating convenience of transferring files.


    1. This awesome video editor allows you to add speed or slow any portion of your video and allows you export it to your gallery.

    2. There are total six speeds you can choose, three fast and three slow. So it doesn’t offer many speed adjustment options.

    3. You can also share the video on various social media networks, but the watermark will still be there if you are using the free version.Best slow motion video apps slo pro

    Download from Google Play store

  4. Video Dieter 2 – Trim Edit

    It is a video editing app that has lots options, one of which is slow or fast motion. However, to use the  motion feature, you will first have to recommend the application to your friends or relative to unlock it.


    1. Just like other apps it has the ability to decrease the speed up to 0.25x and increase  to 4x.

    2. The app is focused on reducing the space the videos take on your phone, and so it compresses them when getting saved.

    3. It has other options like adding music to the video and it also integrates with social media networks for quick sharing. Best slow motion video apps video dieter

    Download from Google Play store

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  5. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

    This application offers the various varieties of speed modification out of all features and is ad supported.


    1. You can slow the speed of clip up to 1/8x of the original and speed it up 8x as well. 

    2. All you need to pick the video and specify the area which you would like to make slow/fast. However, you also have the option to trim it if you want.

    3. It doesn’t provide real-time editing and you can only apply the speed to certain parts and then the video will be processed according to that.Best slow motion video apps fast and slow

    Download from Google Play store 

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  6. Coach’s Eye

    As its name, Coach’s Eye application is devoted primarily to sports coaching and athlete improvement. With this app, you can record HD videos and then slow right down.


    1. The app offers extra drawing tools so that you can draw arrows, lines, and circles on the videos. It lets you create animated gifs and Collage images from your videos.

    2. You can import recorded videos from your gallery or cloud storage and then edit them.

    3. It allows you to share your videos through Email, Text Message, Facebook, and Twitter, even share them on the database.

    4. The free version has limited functions and storage and the Pro version is retailing at $4.99 which contain more features like compression etc.
    Best slow motion video apps coach eye

    Download from Google Play store

  7. KM Player (Play, HD, Video) 

    KMPlayer is an award won app in 2014 among best slow motion video apps by google play. KM Player, the well-known PC video player’s Android version also has the option to play the videos in Slow motion.


    1. During the video is playing, you can adjust (increase or decrease) the speed of the video by tapping on “+” and “-” buttons on the right of the screen.

    2. You can decrease the speed to 0.1x and increase it up to 4x, all that you desired.

    3. Like MX Player, it remembers where you left the video, and continues exactly from that place.

     4. It supports HD videos and 30 languages; there is a KMPlayer for everyone! You can watch movies, tv  shows, animations, homemade & mobile phone videos in the highest quality.

    5. It is  optimized  for subtitles control, video playback speed, favorite playlist, and much more. It doesn’t offer any sharing or saving featureBest slow motion video apps km player

    Download from Google Play store

  8. AndroVid Video Editor

    AndroVid video editor is a suitable video editor for normal users. It helps to edit your videos in an easy way.


    1. This application lets you trim, merge, split, transcode, includes music, applying effects, including content, getting video frames, making a slideshow.

    2. you can crop your videos to remove unwanted parts and you can mix multiple video clips into a single video. You can add music too in your video. This is the main highlight due to which include it in our best slow motion video apps list

    3. It allows you to convert your video files to MP3 audio files, can apply video effects like fading, slow motion, sepia, vignette, vintage, can split your video files into two separate video clips,

    4. You can share your video clips and images on Facebook, Youtube etc can play your video clips, and can organize your videos.

     5. This app also allows you to set video frames as the wallpaper of the device.Best slow motion video apps Androvit

    Download from Google Play store

Final words

If you are a photography enthusiast who loves to explore new ways of capturing snaps and videos from your smartphone or tablet, these listed above best Slow Motion video apps will help you to capture your world in a smarter way.  Some of these apps work better than others while some have more options than others, the choice is yours what you want in your desired application.

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